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The pull of the amiga

Hello All,

This is the second time ive got pulled back into the amiga...first time maybe ten years ago. Don't know why but about two months since I found myself desperate to play SWOS and started SWOS online etc. There is i am sure you know an excellent community for this and a great updated SWOS online...its full of helpful germans and croats which is fairly unique. However following that I also decided to revisit some of my old amiga games (is it just me or do new games on ps3 get pretty old very quick)...anyway i have repeatedly tried android uae emus on my tablet etc but even through tweaking they are less than good and so find my self here using the full bore winue which is a pleasure and has me quite excited. Its been great fun playing wings of fury, speedball etc and I fancy some of the old strategy games i used to enjoy like stormmaster etc as well.

One question i do have is (newbie one here): when running secret of monkey island it boots up to the work bench and shows game icon...what do i do now? Dont remember it doing this on the 500.

Many thanks.

PPS can I use this forum on tapatalk?

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Hello obmij77

Welcome to EAB,

There's plenty of retrolicious mischief to get up to around here so when you get some time, grab you favourite beverage and immerse yourself in the chocolate retroliciousness that this fair board provides. =)

Now, if I have understood you correctly, one the game icon come ups... double left click with the mouse should start it - or open the disk folder - from there you will find an icon to double click again to launch the program.
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OK Fairly obvious then??? Right will give it a crack...cheers for replying. Its great these forums exist, amiga days were a blinding time in my tech life and now theyre back again.

Nice one....
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Hi obmij77, and welcome to EAB!

Originally Posted by obmij77 View Post
...can I use this forum on tapatalk?
Not yet.

Can we please have Tapatalk support?
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Thanks all, for the links, feedback and warm welcome. Tapatalk would be a good idea....will +1 it on other thread. Cheers once again.
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