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For what I've read it's complete.
At leat it can be improved to support AGA.
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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
The release of the AMOSPro sources is excellent news, do you know if the sources are complete?

Unfortunately these original sources aren't much use directly for the XAMOS project, as they are written in 68k assembler, are closely tied to and bang the Amiga hardware, and are not written in an expandable fashion.
XAMOS is written in C++ with SDL and OpenGL libraries (possibly other libraries instead in future), and is designed to be cross-platform and portable.

I see some folks over at AMOS Factory are considering updating AMOSPro from the original source. I strongly suspect that AMOSPro was not well written and will be extremely difficult to expand upon. Going by my emails with Francois, it may also be extremely difficult to get it to build. On modern hardware, an updated AMOSPro would only really be useful under emulation (and/or FPGA reimplementations).

The XAMOS project needs more developers if it is going to progress towards being a solid AMOSPro reimplementation for most modern platforms. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing to the XAMOS project.
There's a French programmer who is building an Amos compatible language in C, I think that it only target OS4.
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Don't know if you knew that

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Floppy disk !Xamos

In a show of full circle, XAMOS has now been ported to RISC OS, the operating system originally designed for the Acorn Archimedes series of computers, with the Acorn A3010 providing a powerful competitor to the Amiga 1200 back in the day.

Now an ARM-based Raspberry Pi, costing under £30 in the UK, can run (in addition to the usual BBC BASIC) a reimplementation of AMOS BASIC on an Acorn-derived operating system, using Amiga-style screen effects in SDL.

This RISC OS port was produced by Chris Gransden.

XAMOS also runs on Linux on the Raspberry Pi, and work is being done on that front to make it work with optimised fullscreen SDL libraries for extra speed.

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Floppy disk XAMOS alpha 0.29

XAMOS updates from 0.241:

XAMOS alpha 0.241:
- Removed the dependency on Boost (now available as a compiler option by editing the Makefile). Fallback to deprecated hash_map type is supported without Boost.
- Added the ability to build a minimal text-only build without SDL, for cross-platform testing (tested on AROS/x86 and MorphOS/PPC).
- Improved compatibility with 64-bit systems (e.g. Linux/x64).

Note: Some small modifications to the source were made since initial 0.241 release to allow for building on MorphOS. Makefiles were also updated.

XAMOS alpha 0.242:
- Replaced Plot routine with a more stable and compatible one (fixed crashes on AROS).
- Plotting now works correctly on MorphOS (Drawing.xamos, Plotter.xamos, Mandelbrot.xamos, Array.xamos).
- XAMOS -launcher now works on AROS.
- Does not attempt to use Unicode when built for Amiga-like OS's (title bar).
- Fixed random number generation on AROS (ScreenScrollingDemo.xamal, MultiChannelExample.xamal).

XAMOS alpha 0.25:
- Per-pixel collision detection is now implemented, utilising SDL_Collide routines.
- AMOS functions added: =Bob Col(), =Sprite Col(), =SpriteBob Col(), =Bobsprite Col(), =Col().
- A very simple collision example was added - more to come in future.

XAMOS alpha 0.26:
- Multiple screen support has been implemented, with a corresponding demo example.
- Fixed some bugs with collision detection.
- Added "Eater" game demo demonstrating collision detection, Abk support, AMAL and multiple screens.
- Added a XAMOS example of a simple interpreter of a certain esoteric programming language, to demonstrate Turing-completeness.

XAMOS alpha 0.27:
- Added support for graphical text (using TrueType fonts), AMOS Text instruction and Text Length() function.
- Abk sprite banks now correctly load sprite hot spots or handles.
- Icon bank support was added, with Paste Icon instruction. An icon bank is loadable from an Abk bank or folder of images.
- Can now scale Abk sprite and icon banks.
- Updated "Eater" game demo (now default, former in XAMOSOut.xamos).

XAMOS alpha 0.271:
- Fixed a memory leak when displaying graphical text.
- Hot Spot instruction is now implemented, for sprites in all formats.
- Refactored SDL code, and began work on a queue system for rainbow/screen/bob/sprite display priority.

XAMOS alpha 0.28:
- Added an experimental hardware-accelerated OpenGL frontend. Use "-useopengl" command line flag to set.
This is currently disabled by default and not yet working correctly with all examples, or on all platforms.
- Background rainbows are now operational. The rainbows example has been updated.

To use OpenGL:
> XAMOS -useopengl
Which will load the default example.

To select an example using OpenGL:
> XAMOS -launcher -useopengl

To launch the Breakout demo with OpenGL:
> XAMOS example/XAMOSOut.xamos -useopengl

On Linux/Unix use "./XAMOS ...." instead.

XAMOS alpha 0.281:
- Fixed several bugs with the OpenGL frontend - all examples now work correctly (on some platforms).
- Added command line flag to enable non-power-of-two (NPOT) textures: "-useopengl -usenpot", may be faster if supported by GPU.

XAMOS alpha 0.29:
- Added some groundwork for experimental OpenGL ES support (not yet operational).
- Now works correctly in fullscreen mode (Raspbian etc).
- You can now quit by using ESC or CTRL+C.
- A RISC OS (ARM) port of XAMOS by Chris Gransden is now available and in development.

Download XAMOS alpha 0.29 below:
XAMOS homepage
XAMOS files

XAMOS currently supports 10 platforms, with more to come:

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