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Looking for some info on 1200 CPU upgrade

Hi guys,

Just looking for some answers on upgrading the CPU on a 1200 please?

1. Can it be done by simply replacing the motherboard CPU with a better, faster one? Or do CPU upgrades actually go on specific accelerator cards?

2. Iv'e come across this - http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/...roducts_id=113 - As per the above question, if this is a motherboard CPU, can I simply swap it out and it will work, or would I need drivers etc? Would there be any compatability issues to worry about?

3. What are the benefits? Is it simply a speed boost, therefore games like Breathless and Alien Breed 3D would perform much better? (I have a 8MB trapdoor RAM installed at present but these games are still very slow unless in Breathless for example if I change to a smaller window and reduce the pixels to 2x2).

4. If all of the above are true, how is the CPU attached to the motherboard? Is it easy to remove and replace or is it all soldered in nastilly?

5. Anything else I need to be aware of?

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1, 2) No, you can't replace the motherboard CPU, it needs to go on a card.

3) Everything gets faster basically, those games you mention included (many older games already run at the speed they are intended to with the original CPU, so it won't make any difference then though)

4) On the A1200 the CPU is an SMD chip, so it's soldered directly on the PCB. But you can't really change it to anything anyway, as mentioned.
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Ok thanks for the info. Is the CPU in the link for an Accelerator board then?
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Get one off eBay or Amibay. Be warned though- they're not cheap. I used to have a Blizzard 1230 MkIV back in the day and these are very good accelerators.

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It's ok iv'e only just got a RAM expansion board I was just wondering if the CPU could be upgraded on the main board.

Cheers for the info guys
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