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Happy One more in!!

Hi all!
I'm more of an Atari/CPC dude, but I chose to replay many of my Atari games on the Amiga to enjoy the superior graphics (although when it comes to the sound/music, I tend to favour the more gritty noise of the Atari CPUs). I spent a large amount of my life twenty years ago on the Atari, now I think I can spare some more for the Amiga.
I came here largely to get to know more about how to make the damned WinUAE work.
I'm afraid I won't add much to the community though, as I'm mainly looking for ready-made configs to run some games as smoothly as possible on the emulator (with a dual core AMD and Win Xp), but man, what a mess. It is powerful, but you really have to be a "power user" to get the best out of it and it takes so much time and frustration. Plus I still haven't found a way to accelerate the loading times (you have such options in other emulators). I suppose it's probably there in WinUAE but I don't know where.
As for the configs, I'm not sure where to start from. I saw someone called Mike-something here who had posted a compilation of three thousand configs zipped into one archive but I'm just incapable of finding the file.
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Hi and welcome to EAB

Originally Posted by Setebos View Post
Plus I still haven't found a way to accelerate the loading times (you have such options in other emulators).
Try End + Pause for warp mode (and press it again to switch it off).
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Thank you.
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Welcome to EAB Setebos
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Just wow guys.
I peeked into the MagixFTP thing, it's... did I say wow?
That's what we can call dedication! Truly amazing. I'll spend the next summer trying to work some trainers (yeah, I know, cheating and all that) after I stopped hyperventilating.

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