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Old 13 September 2002, 19:53   #1
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Best site for Amiga ADF's?


Can people throw out some good website addresses for amiga adf's. I've been to 'planet emulation' and that is pretty good, but I don't like the 300 second wait between each download. Are there any other similar adf archives?

here is my list so far:

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Old 13 September 2002, 20:06   #2
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Why not have a look at the FAQ in this forum and it will reveal more.

All I can say is go IRC, or find someone very friendly with a private FTP server

I'm in a right miserable mood today. Too many people asking questions that already have the answers in the FAQ !
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Stick out tongue

Look on the brightside, we haven't had anyone ask for Amiga game "roms" .....yet!
Maybe we should unleash Fred to personally pimpslap anyone posting FAQ's?!

Except for Amiga "game roms" requests-Akira love's those ones!!
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Old 14 September 2002, 17:30   #4
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Hey, could be worse! Could have been ROMZ or WAREZ!!! :disgusted
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Old 14 September 2002, 19:32   #5
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Oh my... does that piss me off! it triggers the "must-kill-the-one-who-said-it" machine to its "ON" position
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Old 15 September 2002, 01:06   #6
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Getting Worse

Hi! Ima noobie. I want WB3.5, you know, lats version is 3.9 so there is nothing wrong asking WB3.5 as it is no more for sale and should be free.
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Old 16 September 2002, 08:23   #7
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Send a message via MSN to alkis21
I have a pretty good Amiga Emulation links section in my homepage if you want to check it out. http://alkis.issmart.com
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