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I ran it on
1 mb chip ram +a few mb's fast ram
kick 2.0
68000 cpu
cpu bar to 4
sound %100 accurate
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Here the options I use (For just about everything):-

Remember to change you kickstart rom settings, screen and sound sample rate setting's can be changed if your PC is a bit slow, but that shouldn't make any difference.

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I must admit this demo is plain dull and boring

I used it to test winuae to see how it's improving with each release.
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WinUAE configs...

Here is a zip of various config files for various Miggy setups, I have found them quite useful since I started usind UAE a few weeks ago...
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File Type: zip config406.zip (8.3 KB, 173 views)
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Wow this is an old thread, before I even joined EAB and also has my first ever post I made on 2nd July 2001 :eek
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Old 18 August 2003, 00:22   #26
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i had this demo on at work last year and a work mate of mine came in and informed me he wrote it --- i worked with ddp (dave depaul ) for years and never knew , he moved to texas late last year and i aint seem his since.
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so what is your take on sceners, smila, seeing how most of them were crackers?
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Mark Wright
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Originally posted by Paul
I must admit this demo is plain dull and boring

I used it to test winuae to see how it's improving with each release.
LOL, the vast majority of that demo is pure animation (passing itself off as real coding) which is why it so upset the majority of coders at the time, who were mostly concentrating on pushing the vector envelope and were decidedly disgruntled that a souped-up demo that wouldn't have looked out of place in 1989 was so crowd-pleasing.

One thing that's worth noting about Jesus on E's is that, whether you were a fan of the "rave" genre of music (judging from the comments, most here were not) Jesus on E's had the most authentic soundtrack along those lines of any demo on the Amiga. Stuff was properly sequenced, no nanosecond gaps between each break, clever segueing of the different modules... whoever composed it took extreme care over it.

Whoever coded it, on the other hand, went for the "means to an end" approach but considering it's still so celebrated to this day, clearly it was the right approach to take.

A very British thing, though. For teenage Amiga owners in 1992 it was technically poor but cosmetically excellent.

Shame to think that the composer is now listening to country and western classics in Texas!
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Originally posted by Djay
so what is your take on sceners, smila, seeing how most of them were crackers?
i suppose i was one of them , did a lot of intro stuff for pompay pirates/ foft and carebears.

but your right , there was a lot of good lads , went to some great partys in those days and came home with hundreds of demos/intros's ect... twas great.
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Originally posted by Mark Wright
A very British thing, though. For teenage Amiga owners in 1992 it was technically poor but cosmetically excellent.
I have to agree with you there. At the time it was f**king amazing to me & my friends. But then again after munching on, swallowing and inhaling various substances in those years the simple act of slowly opening and closing cupboard doors or looking at the light reflecting in floor tiles was amazing !

I recently sat through it all now I have a up-to-spec PC and realised just how tiring and over-long it is. Still, the highlights for me (and what still make me chuckle) are the Rolf's Cartoon Club and Muppets samples.

There's been much better demos and much better music produced on the Amiga but this demo will still have a place in the hearts for those who where there (maybe just physically there) at the time.
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Ahhh Jesus On E's was mint - spesh when ya had some trippy drugs - Ive just downloaded it again! quality ha ha brings back some memories and the tunes were mint aswell! hardcore u know the score lol
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man i never got to the end of the demo to see the credits, it seemd to go on for ages
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You can find Echo on the SpoonWizard site listed above. Shame a few people didn't think much of the JonE's demo, but it was pretty slammin' back in those days. I love it even now. Echo himself used to run a BBS, obsession with spoons I don't get hehe, but he came up with some higher quality music later on. Some of which is on AmiNet.

In every thread I seem to mention those 3 letters. BBS. Obsession of my own, perhaps.
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Old 19 December 2005, 16:43   #34
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I was just doing some googling and found this thread....

I am Echo/LSD who wrote the music for JOE's.

The demo's effects were mainly code - only a few animation sequences were chucked in here and there coded by Shagratt (Dave Depaul) at the time.

I remember the music being great fun to write at the time, and all the visual effects were scripte by me into the Proracker modules using an unused effect variable. I was basically given a list of effects and went through each module and placed the commands where I wanted.

Unfortunately the effects on screen weren't quite the same as the ones I had in my head, so visually the demo didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. Further time contraints (it had to be released at a demo party a day or so later) meant that I didn't have time to go back and polish it as much as I'd like - and testing a demo that's nearly 30 minutes long was not an enviable task to say the least!

Just thought I'd mention that you can get to the end sequence at any point during the demo by pressing some mouse button combination - both buttons at the same time I think.

Finally a note for the non-believers - today the appeal of this demo is very much nostalgia, but at the time it was very popular. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'd very much like to think it was the music and not the visuals that made this possible.

All of my mods and later mp3's to date are available on my website - http://www.spoonwizard.com/

There's even some DivX versions of other popular demos of the time.


aka Echo/LSD

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