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Smile Hi :)

Hi has anyone got any suggestions to a good web browser for the amiga
I have been using miami that comes with OS3.5 and like it very much as it is very easy to use
I have also used genesis that comes with OS3.9 but don't like that as much as miami but once your connected you use aweb to actually get your www sites.
I have read that netconnect is supposed to be the best amiga web browser but don't know were to get it in the uk.
Also can someone help me as i am able to send emails from the amiga with the mail software thats on OS3.5 but i can't manage to recieve emails is this due to been unregistered??????
I have entered the details like pop and smtp details but confused as to been able to recieve mail
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I have moved this thread from Off Topic to the appropriate forum. I also changed the name, since Hi :) will be of no use to someone who may see the subject that may be able to help you.
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For email simply use YAM, the best emailer imho.

MiamiDX handle adsl and much more than Genesis but Miami is slower on low system.

As AWeb come freely on OS3.9, i suggest to keep it. It's quite compatible with most website. Personally i use IBrowse, more friendly but some site could not work on it. If Aweb and IBrowse failed on a site, last chance is Voyager (handle flash)
In fact amiga lack a good browser I hope it'll be solve in the future, it's a shame we don't have Mozilla on it !
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Voyager has Flash compatibility??

I would LOVE to try this

Anyway, listen to the Frog, he's bloody right. YAM is a beaut and AWeb works just right!
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Yeah, Frog's right. Use YAM four emails (http://www.yam.ch), it's simply the best email client I ever saw (on any platform). You may have to spend some time configuring the GUI (and replacing the ugly default buttons) though

AWeb is open source now, get the latest (free) version at http://aweb.sunsite.dk

You already have Genesis and it seems to work, why search for something else?

"NetConnect' is not a browser, but a collection of internet related software:

Miami (you have Genesis)
Voyager (AWeb is free)
Microdot2 (YAM is free)
AmIRC (there are BlackIRC and BenderIRC, both free)
Plus a few more...

Unless you really need Voyager or Miami, there's no need to buy NetConnect.
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