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Just thought I'd post a wee 'hello' message and introduction myself

After finding this site via watching a youtube clip about Amiga's (the one with the guy who has a fancy white commodore computer). Then after reading some of the threads on here, I now find myself getting the 'bug' again

I haven't used my Amiga 1200 tower since 2000/2001, as I just lost interest for one reason or another. Well I've decided to bring it out of storage, after reading some of the fine threads on EAB . Unfortunately I no longer have the large D-pin PC keyboard type, so I haven't attempted to fire-up the Amiga yet. I am hoping to get some good advice and opinions, in the forthcoming weeks as I get my Amiga back-up and running.


3.1 Roms
3.9 WB
3.2 Gig HD (new AND expensive in 1998)
Apollo 60030 MMU/FPU (can't remember if it's 40hz or 50)
Eyetech Tower (looking yellow,and beaten)
Eyetech IDE adaptor (CD-rom)

Some sad picture's:

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Hi there keitha1200 and welcome to the forum.
That's a nice lot of hardware you have there, I've just got a plain 1200 with an 8 meg ram expansion but it works great for WHDLoad games etc, one day though I'll get myself an accelerator and find out what I have been missing

Have you also looked at Amibay, there are some good threads on there too plus lots of buying and selling of computer related stuff for Amiga's and everything else, between the two sites, almost everything gets covered
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Workbitch 1.3

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Awesome tower conversion. Just Jam an a1200 into a tower!! I love it.
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So this is what it means to "house an A1200 in a tower"
Excellent, , never sprang to mind it could be done like this!

So it's an A1200DT then...?
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Graham Humphrey
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Excellent pics - welcome aboard!
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uber cool demi god

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Haha! That is awesome! Cool work!
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Welcome aboard EAB. It's an amazing place, and you'll find some amazing people here.

Some great photos. Will be nice to see some once it's all up and running.
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Old 09 February 2012, 12:25   #8
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Thank you for the warm welcome guys

I didn't convert the tower myself, I bought it from an British firm (1998) that sold Amiga hardware called:[edit] Eyeline (i think I've got the name right). Page 30-31 May 1999 issue 123 Amiga format

It was a PC tower specially adapted for the Amiga 1200. Personally I didn't think it was the best! but I didn't know that until it arrived in the post It's a bit of tank to be honest

I might get myself another case or go back to a desk-top! as I 'especially' love the SD card acting as a hard-drive and portable media, and broadband on the Amiga 'Awesome', beats the 28k modem I still have.

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Hi there Keitha1200;
And welcome. I have never had a miggy tower - and never seen inside one before, that is a great pic.
I always had a500s and 1200s back in the day and got back into the scene late2008. You have landed on your feet here - everybody is helpful and honest and U will make some great miggy friends if U invest a little time.
Folks here have taught me so much i don't know where to start.
Welcome to my fave gig in cyberland.
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So here's another - A500 in Micronik tower + some extras:
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Old 13 February 2012, 12:05   #11
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Zorro on a 500? that's pretty cool

am only being held-up by: being unable to find the 23 pin/vga adaptor
found a keyboard adaptor too and tons of other strange stuff
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