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Originally posted by LordBug
I need 8.21R4 again. 8.22R1 is too damn slow for some reason (I need to work on it some more, so don't ask for specifics yet ).
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Tik Gora :D

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Here's mine (for latest ver) .. works 100% brilliant .. whether full screen or in a window (sometimes i like it 640x512)

Perfect GFx .. Perfect Sound .. Perfect Winuae .. [ Perfect Emulator Coders ]

Just remember to re-path the Roms settings.
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cd32 cfg

Thanks mate! I'll try it out now!
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Thumbs up BIG Thumbs Up Toni

This is a fantastic release. Much improved over the last official release. Most games work great on my system. It seems much faster than the previous release. The sound is a little strange though. Sometimes it's perfect and other times it sounds like shit. It's like the more times I quit WinUAE and then run it again there's more chance of shit sound. Sorry I can't been anymore precise than that. Also I seem to get less scratchy sound when I use the SoundBlaster Wave device instead of the Primary Sound Driver. I'm not sure why that is. Can anyone explain? Ok here are a few points on the new release:

1) I'm glad to see the bug in Days of Thunder has been fixed. It finally works. Woohoo. Nice one Toni. It's reminded me just how crap that game really is. :laugh

2) I wondered why using a CD32 configured joypad didn't work in WinUAE to play Gloom Deluxe. Then I realised it only works when you're emulating a CD32 as it works perfect for that. However there are a lot of A1200 games that really need a CD32 joypad. Guardian, Roadkill and Gloom Deluxe to name just a few. It must be possible to allow CD32 joypad emulation in Non-CD32 mode. Toni?

3) A couple of bugs for you to play with.
There's a bug in Fantastic Dizzy on the CD32 and A1200 where the background only half appears. I was going to take a screenshot of it but forgot. The nice scrolling copper background only appears on the left side of the screen and the right side of the screen remains black. The foreground is unaffected.

4) Super Skidmarks crashes on the main menu when you try to select a few of the options. Championship Mode is one but there are a few others. I tried this on the CD version and Floppy version and both locked up. On the CD version it also locks up when certain vehicles are loaded in the game. For example it locked up when I chose to race the Cow vehicles. Very bizarre stuff. When I tried racing in High-Res mode the vehicles look a bit corrupt as though they're not being drawn properly. Hope this is detailed enough and not too vague.

5) I've not tried this much but every time I've tried to load Rally Championship AGA on the new release it locks very near the start after the language selector comes up.

Hope that helps you Toni.
Keep up the fantastic work.
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Question Hmmm

Strange. I was definitely logged in. That was me who posted the previous message by the way.
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Tim Janssen
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Question Manual available?

A bit late this reply because I downloaded WinUAE yesterday . I am very impressed with the latest version. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with all options available but soon got used to it. I managed to run more games and it seems AGA-demos perform more fluidly. Thumbs up!

I have a little question: Is a decent (on-line) manual available for this version of WinUAE? I want to try out the GL-graphics and the Output-option. I am especially interested in the output-option which lets you record AVI-movies but somehow I cannot get it to run.
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You can get an updated WinUAE.chm file from...
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Tim Janssen
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Smile Thanks...

Thanks for the link, Paul.
The Output-tab of WinUAE is described in the updated manual. Now I have to find out how to record an AVI-movie when running a program – this is still not explained. Oh well, I will check it out tonight.
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