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My huge haul of free amiga magazines

Sorry if Ive placed this in the wrong forum, but I couldnt see any that matched exactly, so put it here.

I posted this over at amiga.org already, but no-one seemed interested, so thought Id post here as well seeing as eab seems to be the best place for people who still enjoy classic amigas.

Anyway, that said and done I thought Id share my new find with you all.

Yesterday I picked up somewhere between 220 and 300 amiga magazines for free I dont drive, and these things weigh a ton (over 60kgs), so I left about a 3rd in the back of my brothers car to be collected next time I see him, but a quick count of what I bought home with me shows about 190 magazines. Add the remaining 3rd and there's probably at least 250, probably more. Wasnt easy to bring home what I did on public transport either I can tell you

Im a very happy man with this score. As Ive said to a few people since obtaining them these old amiga magazines are a goldmine of information. Ive already come across a plethora of good tutorials that I'll follow though once I finish the leisure reading side of things.

As for what's there (here), the usual suspects such as CU Amiga, Amiga Format, Amiga Computing, ACAR (australian commodore and amiga review) as well as others Id not heard of before, like OZAmiga, AmigaDOwnUnder, Professional Amiga. There's even some fanzine style mags called "Amiga Workbench" (about 20 or more issues). Also found something called "24-bits and pieces". In addition to this there' some issues of Commodore Disk User(has some really good c64 asm tuts in it) and Commodore Format. There's also some issues of Commodure User International, Run, and a few other bits and pieces that escape me at the moment. I also got a large number of the cover discs that where with the magazines and some other freebies (a few cd and cd32 titles).

All in all Im a very happy man with this find. So much good info and tutorials for me to work through, should keep me busy and entertained for a while.
I must admit Im surprised how much stuff Ive found that I was either unaware of, or had forgotten about.

In a few weeks when the initial novelty wears off I'm happy to scan anything contained within them that people are interested in. Im a big hoarder of amiga pdf scans (have about 15 gig worth) and there's oodles of stuff I just acquired that isnt yet online.

Just thought Id share my find. Im a happy man at the moment and wanted to share the excitement with y'all.
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Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 475
Oh, and just curious, but can anyone tell me please if the Deluxe edition is the only version available of Impossible Mission 2025 for cd32 please? A copy of that game was amongst the goodies and I was surprised at how "elaborate" the package was/is.
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