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Graham Humphrey
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Was it a reader poll or did the magazine come up with this themselves?
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Originally Posted by ChucklesII View Post
I guess they put Nintendo 64 as high as they did
for Super Mario(?)
No kidding. The N64 looked good on paper but the 64 bits of the CPU were rarely used, textures were very limited and there were many bottlenecks in the design. Also, it was never that popular losing out to the PS1. The real cult creation was the original NES. I would think the top of the list should look something like this in U.S.?...

1) NES - Hugely popular with classics as Mario and Zelda
2) Atari 2600 - Don't make fun! Created it all.
3) PS2
4) Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
5) Super Nintendo
6) PS1
7) C= 64
8) Colecovision
9) Nintendo Wii
10) Amiga/CD32

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Whoever makes a topten list of consoles/games computers
seems to have an impossible task (sorta), because there is
the actual console itself, then there is the games library--compare
the dreamcast to the c64--which had the most high-rated games--
which was the more advanced hardware? Or, cd32 compared to nes--sheer
number of games, or, quality of animation, or advanced hardware.
Or nes-->snes-->originality?
Seems to be too many variables to try to squeeze into the question
of: "Top Ten", without at least two qualifiers. If one uses the qualifier
most units ever sold, I think it goes to ps2 and c64...then keep following
it down from unit/units sold till '10' is used up.

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Poll in not being approved by everyone shocker.
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Computer Nerd

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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
The old gen era is lost on these kinds of 'magazines'. They should really start to show some respect.
Indeed. More respect to the early days of the modern computer era!
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The sad fact is there is a whole generation of young guns and 20somethings who think they are the gaming generation and look on anything retro as obsolete crap. I saw a survey not long ago that said the actual age of gamers falls in a range from mid 30s to early 40s which is prob the age range of a few of us here. Most younger gamers actual contact with games rarely goes back beyond Doom and ps1, fps games are their stock in trade.
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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
The sad fact is there is a whole generation of young guns and 20somethings who think they are the gaming generation and look on anything retro as obsolete crap.
That's just a generational thing. It happens with everything, not just gaming. To suggest that one group is right and the other is wrong is probably a bit misguided. As we age, we look at the state of 'things' today and suggest our time was better.

We do it, our parents do it and our parent's parents probably do (did) it.
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Yeh guilty as charged :-D i am old just been given new glasses thick as bottle ends. But the thing with games is that unlike other media the fact that hardware becomes obsolete and unavailable means whole new generations loose access to some awesome gaming experiences.
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Yeah it is odd, some younger gamers (such as myself) love retro gaming, and yet others older than me don't...

My brother for instance, liked the SNES, has about 2 games he loves to play on it, but would never buy one, or play games on it by himself, same with the Amiga or N64. But he does like playing certain games we played as a child with me, childhood memories i guess.

And my cousin (Mowcno444 of LA), is 15, 7 years younger than my brother, and he likes retro games, not necessarily the Amiga, but he owns an N64, Atari 2600. It's all very odd. He only joins in the Amiga community to play It's a Knockout and SuperLeague. But, he has found a couple of Amiga games he enjoys.
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No credibility what so ever...

This is very questionable...

It's like discussing the sex of the angels.

For me Nintendo should rule on the consoles because of the inovation they always introduce, the rest just copied them (Analog stick with the nintendo 64 and the wiimote with the wii are just an example of what the other copied).
Playstation... for me, they shouldn't be in the first 20.

Of course the Amiga is number 1, for me, followed by the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum. But that's just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Was it a reader poll or did the magazine come up with this themselves?
I think that the average age of the readers plays a strong role.

What would somebody of my age answer (1st gaming experience with a Atari 2600..then C16, 64, Amiga and so on)?

What would a 15-years-old answer (1st xperience with a Gamecube or XBox or whatever) ?

As already mentioned above: It is an impossible task to build an All-Time-Hall-Of-Fame. It´s makes more sense to make e.g. a top 5 of each "epoche" (late 70s, 80-85 etc.)
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The C64 is definately too low down on the list, especially when you consider the number of units it sold, the brilliant SID chip and in game tunes which influence chart music today, not to mention all the fantastic games for it which still the test of time today and pushed the machine graphically and sonically in ways never thought possible (personal faves include Mayhem in Monsterland, Ghouls and Ghosts,Buggy Boy, Power Drift, Flimbos Quest, Turbo OutRun, Turbocharge, IK+, Nobby the Aardvark, Shadow of the Beast... I could go on all evening) For me the C64 being the first proper computer I ever owned will always have a special place in my heart and along with my Amiga 1200 holds pride of place in my vast console and computer collection.
Am surprised the Atari 7800 didn't get a mention by anyone. Yes it only had 70 or so dedicated released for it, but in terms of sheer playability of some of its games and the quality of its conversions (Food Fight and Ballblazer spring to mind) it was a system with very few duds released for it plus VCS compatibility so what more could you want?....shame about the European thumbpad controllers though lol

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