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emulators on 680x0 amiga

Im a big retro game fan, and as such a bit of an emulator fan too.
After reading a few different issues of amiga format and enjoying the emulation section Im eager to try some emulators out on my a1200.
I must admit however that Im not overly well versed in what's good for a "real" amiga anymore. I got used to using my amithlon box for these sorts of things, and Ive just recompiled/ported whatever sdl options I was interested in (or used other peoples recompiles).

Im now interested in knowing what works, how well, and how fast on a real amiga though, so if anyone could add to this list Id appreciate it. Thanks.

680x0 mac: Shapeshifter/fusion/bassilisk2. Runs nicely on '020 + fast and upwards.

Sega Master System: AmiMasterGear. Runs full speed on '030+fast ram.

Gameboy: Wzonkalad. Runs nicely on aga + fast ram. Compatibility is limited to original GB, and even then only maybe %50 of games work.

Commodore64: MagiC64. 50mhz '030 needed minimum, and even then you need to set frames to 1/3 and speed is only about 85%. '040 will give you full speed without sound, or close to full speed with sound and 1/2 frames. '060 is close to "perfect".
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AmiMsx is a good and fast MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator that also emulates different sound chips (many Konami cartridges come with things like SCC sound chips). MSX and MSX2 are emulated at good speeds on AGA+68030 50mhz, and MSX2+ needs a bit more than that (68040?) to be fast.

AmiMsx was written by the same author who wrote AmiMasterGear, and is now open source (same goes for AmiMasterGear and the other Ami emulators).
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TRS-80: AmiTRS80. Should run quite fast even on an older Amiga.

Signetics-based machines, Atari Lynx: AmiArcadia and Handy. Will work on your Amiga if you have enough RAM (about 16Mb), speed is unsatisfactory though.
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CoolNES: good speed in '030+Fast RAM,CD32 pad compatible,some games have emulation problems though.
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Asp Spectrum 128k Emulator runs really well on 040/25. May need to tweak settings on 030. MMU required for fast 128k emulation.

Magic64 ran really well on 040/25 too. I could run 1/1 frames with sound. I just had to dissable 1541 drive emulation while playing game as that caused a noticable performance hit. I cant rememember if that was with rtg screen though. Also performance was likely all game dependant as well.
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For some reason I always used Cabal as a "benchmark" of sorts when trying MagiC64 on different amigas over the years. No particular reason, probably just that it was the 1st game I ever played with it

Oh, and its probably worth mentioning that it gets a big speed up on 1 bit screens. Was even playable on my old cd32+sx-1 if I recall corrently. Ugly as heck, but fast
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Older versions of ASp were even faster as they allowed 100% speed of 128k Speccy on 030/50mhz , because they used different -less os friendly iirc- routines for screens. CBSpeccy is also great, plays most games, emulates pentagon too, 100% 128k speccy speed on 030/50mhz with the right settings and has a neat built-in cheat engine! For anyone with RTG and 040 (or Jens' bigger 030 cards) ASp is the best choice though!

GBE for warpos is great for gameboy/gameboy color if you have ppc otherwise it's wzonkalad or amigameboy (from the author of amimastergear and amimsx).

I also recall emucpc and acpc being the best for Amstrad emulation.

fMSX was a good alternative to amimsx, but harder to configure, a bit slower and more compatible. Speed's no issue on 040 though.
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I've always been pretty pleased with ZXAM if I wanted to relive my Speccy days.

Sure, it doesn't emulate a 128k machine, but does emulate the AY soundchip, and doesn't require an MMU.

99% of the games I've tried on it work perfectly on an 030 @ 50mhz.
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