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Question about Super Street Fighter 2 and Fightin' Spirit

Hello guys.

I have a question about Super Street Fighter 2 and Fightin' Spirit for the AGA (or any other version).

About SSF2:
Am I doing something wrong or does Sagat not have an ending in this game? Even on the hardest difficulty and without losing a round, it just goes to the credits. Is that normal?

About Fightin' Spirit:
Is it normal for most of the character's endings to just have a "The End" screen, while others have a story conclusion? Again, even on the hardest difficulty and without losing a round, most of them just say "The End" and then credits. It's so weird that some have story conclusions and others don't. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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I can definitely tell you that Sagat has an ending, at least in the AGA version. I've finished FS with everyone too and I recall they had proper endings, but I can't say for sure that absolutely *everyone* had one.
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Cammy definitely has an ending, you see her cry and her friends come over and make her feel better.
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Ok, thanks guys!
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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
I can definitely tell you that Sagat has an ending, at least in the AGA version.
After you beat Bison with Sagat you have the usual screen as if you beat any other opponent, but not the end. Shortly afterwards the game crashes. and I tried to get his ending on all the versions both ECS and AGA. I assume the CD32 never came out.

If someone could make a .dat file with all the in-game texts that would be helpful. The ending might be somewhere, but since it is not playtested well you can't see it when you beat the game. You probably can see it if you hack the game or something like it...
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