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Old 04 January 2012, 14:03   #1
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Gunlord (dreamcast & neo-geo turrican like)

Happy new year everyone !!!

I just found this, it is imminent on the neo-geo and dreamcast !!!
Turrican fans MUST see and her this !!!

[ Show youtube player ]

The soundtrack seems FUCKING INCREDIBLE !!! Already a classic !
And it seems to be the best Turrican like since... Turrican itself !
Gfx seems to be inspired by Super turrican on SNES, the team relly seems to be fans !!! After "last hope pink bullets edition", a new bomb !!!

Spread the trailer, watch and listen him as it deserves !!

One of the most awaited with "sturmwind" on this beginning of year !

Write your opinions guys )).
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Yes, should be a great Turrican clone. We already discussed it here. Sadly the Sturmwind release is delayed to an unknown date (March 2012 atm), due to the bankruptcy of an old CD-Rom manufacturer.


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Nice tribute. It's obviously meant to be seen as a game that's come out of the the Turrican mould.
The music is well done but is very much less about tune and rather only bass, beats and arpeggios with occasional half melody strands- bit picky maybe but i feel it's a fair comparison given how close it all is in other regards and Chris Huelsbeck's emphasis on tune with the Turrican series

I'd buy this is if i had DC

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Old 04 January 2012, 19:44   #4
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Been waiting on this for a while now. Last Hope and Fast Striker were very good so I hope this maintains that standard. Mega Turrican (Turrican 3) is going to be hard to top though.
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that's one for my shopping list! provided I can find a way to prevent my girlfriend playing Crazy Taxi for hours on end every time the Dreamcast is switched on!
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Old 04 January 2012, 21:37   #6
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I didnt see thag there was already a dialog for this one in a thread . Thanks to for the link, it read all of this with a lot of pleasure.

I am totally agree with all of you, i have a DC and i will certainly buy it. The spirit of Turrican is really in this one, and it is i think the very first time since the original ones on 16 bits machines (some pc remakes are very good but idk... It is not the same feeling). But this time it is going to be like in the golden era . The only thing i wont like - and i already know this seeing the trailer - is the gfx design and animations of the robot and the wheel : same stuff than turrican 3 or super turrican. I prefer the wonderfully drawed and animated ones in turrican 1 & 2. But nothing more hehe, it is going to be a blast. Well it has all the taste .

Thanks for your comments guys .

@gunni : good luck with crazy taxi loool .
Old 16 April 2012, 02:44   #7
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The Neo Geo MVS version was already released. Gameplay and soundtrack are awesome. I can't wait for the Dreamcast version. Release date should be (according to the NGDEV Team website) the 14.06.2012.

[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 16 April 2012, 09:26   #8
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The DC version will probably make it affordable for more people (well, I guess producing a Neo-Geo cartridge is going to cost some money even today).

A bit of negativity though, at 2:36, shouldn't the character be crushed/killed?
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Old 02 July 2012, 14:14   #9
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Guys guys guys i just received my limited edition this morning, i am listening the PHE-NO-ME-NAL soundtrack while i am writing this message .

I didn't try te game yet, but i know that i am going to be addicted !!!

The soundtrack is so evocative and catchy that every turrican fans are going to loose their mind with Gunlord !!!
Old 03 July 2012, 00:15   #10
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Just tried the game and i loooooooooooove it so much !!!!

I have some minor things to reproach, like for example the auto fire, the beam not stopped by the walls (it goes through), a few slowdowns sometimes, maybe more i don't know yet, but god the game is really addictive, the levels are immense, the level of details is very high (plenty of background and enemies animations !)...

Well so much to say, as for me it is already a masterpiece ! We are all waiting for a successor of Turrican 2 and i think that... WE HAVE IT !!!

I am waiting your comments guys, with Sturmwind coming very soon, it is for me the major release of this year !!!

A gem, a true classic, the game is going to stay in the restricted cult video games family !

And what to say about the soundtrack ???? Simply phenomenal, i don't know if the quality is the same on the aes version, but on the dreamcast it rocks !!! At last a soundtrack pround of the golden age, your levels of emotion and adrenalyn are at the maximum while you are playing !

I return to play a bit before sleeping, "chapeau bas" to the dev team !!!

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That looks kickarse.
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Old 03 July 2012, 23:42   #12
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Yes it does !!!!!
Old 04 July 2012, 02:01   #13
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hi guys,
why don't you send a mail to them, just ask for a porting to the amigaone x 1000 ??? or amiga ppc ????

If you don't ask you will never have nothing.

don't tell me it's impossible etc.....

send mails and we will see what happen....

it doesn't cost a penny to try.

ps: i send mine
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Old 04 July 2012, 09:30   #14
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I don't think if they plan to do a such of thing (i highly doubt about this) but honestly, a dreamcast is really easy and cheap to find nowodays and the adaptation is really perfect so...
Old 05 July 2012, 15:42   #15
uber cool demi god

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There's an iso floating around now.
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Old 06 July 2012, 21:06   #16
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Just tried the "test" version and it's pretty good. I don't like the graphic style and have problems with the color palette (ememies vs background = you can easily overlook some enemies).

Anyway, the good things: the controls works great, more Contra style now. Also the level design is good enough, not too linear imo. Nice music hommage to Hülsbeck. One last hint: Use a Dreamcast to Saturn pad adapter. The gameplay feeling is brilliant with a PAL Saturn model 2/Japanese model pad. Best NG DEV Team game so far. Just ordered the game.

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Old 09 July 2012, 09:47   #17
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What I like about the look of this is that there seems to have been a bit of love put into the game, rather than simply remaking Turrican. This is all too rare nowadays when it comes to 2d remakes of games. The soundtracks arent a patch on the originals, and steers too close to generic for my liking, but its not quite as irritating as most, and does have a few decent moments.

As for getting a version for amigas, Id be very surprised if they had any interest in producing a version for something with so few users that is hard to get ahold of and uber expensive (ppc amiga). Not a criticism, just common sense. They simply wouldnt make thier money back, even if they only bought 1 ppc amiga system. MOS, or more likely AROS are better targets from a common sense perspective, but while it'd be nice to have Im not holding my breath.
Not that it matters anyway as with a little time (if not already) the game should work on emulators on the "NG" amiga systems anyway
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