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Solid Snake
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Return 2 Innocence

Many nostalgic fans of the Amiga 1200 computer are returning to their roots and seeking out the original machines.

These are getting harder to source and relatively expensive unless you find a good deal.

Emulation is O.K I guess, to test a game/app etc. But, for many purists nothing compares to playing on the real macoy. This is why I have revived my dormant 2MB A1200 and kitted it out with a CF2IDE adaptor & 4GB CF HD.

Many titles that were produced for the Amiga were supplied with a HD install for your convenience. Certain games did not allow you to install them on HD which was a real pain. WHDLoad was born!

I definately recommend that you register the superb game HD-Install package "WHDLoad". This allows you to play floppy based games directly from your HD. Gaming heaven !

I am one who supports expanding hardware to make it useable, however it should not entail you breaking the bank! IMHO the most wanted, useful and practical expansion for the A1200 is fast memory. This should ideally be 4-8MB and cost no more than 50UKP/EUROS. I believe that many users with stock A1200s would invest in one.

Accelerator boards are too expensive to be a viable option unless you've won the lottery

Through intensive testing I have discovered that many WHDLoad games work from HD on a stock A1200 (just imagine:with fast ram expansion you can play everything!)

The purpose of this thread is to prove that a 2MB A1200 is still a cool games machine and possibly start a petition to manufacture a cheap fast ram expansion for Amiga ethusiasts everywhere.
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Googled for Amiga hardware devs, found 5, but it said 0/5 were available for petitioning.

The ACA's can be bought online and cost 75 pound notes more than what you are prepared to see fly from your wallet. They have more advantages and are at least fully supported by the manufacturer.

A good way to test the market for a need you see is to talk to established hw devs on forums and together with them start a poll with binding pre-payments for a sum they could make a batch for. Problem is all but one are not full-time hw devs and have to do this as their work and family allows. And the one, Individual Computers, makes small batches of one expansion type at a time that have good chances of selling out.
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