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Amiga Christmas Tree 2011

Each year I work on the Amiga Christmas Tree website. For those who haven't already been there, here is this year's page: http://amigachristmastree.ultimateamiga.co.uk

The page collects recent Amiga news and software releases as well as Christmas-related Amiga games and software toys and hosts the Festive Amiga Game Making Competition.
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Another great christmas gift from Cammy.
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Thanks again Cammy! <3
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Managed to find it before Xmas, and it's great to see every year.

Thanks Cammy.
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Old 26 December 2011, 18:59   #6
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Its like santa for your Amiga
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Old 27 December 2011, 00:00   #7
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...and Cammy is like the angel at the top of the Christmas tree!
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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
...and Cammy is like the angel at the top of the Christmas tree!
Yep... an angel... have you seen the Christmas wallpapers ? Merry Christmas Cammy and thanks.
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Old 08 January 2012, 17:35   #9
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Is anyone near complettion of ur games? Closing date is not far off. And I would love 2 see new games
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Old 29 January 2012, 23:47   #10
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Originally Posted by DeafDaz View Post
Is anyone near complettion of ur games? Closing date is not far off. And I would love 2 see new games
Well, my entry is not as well as I intended but not as bad as last time. As usual, real life stroke the hard way, this time including me falling ill with a very bad winter flu, bad enough to avoid concentrating in front of my miggy monitor for some critical days. Fact is, my text adventure project based on John Carter novels has its parser engine working OK, but just a couple of days away from the deadline I still haven't figured out an story to tell!

On my research for Ideas that would fit for a plot in the JC universe I found quite useful all the data stored at the Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserve site, apart from reading the first book in the series, A Princess Of Mars, which was itself a lot of fun (but the real chilly experience was watching [ Show youtube player ] yeah the one with Traci Lords playing as Dejah Thoris, eer... )

Sound engine is also working, as I knew how to handle it from previous comps, but I couldn't find the time to make even a tiny original music piece, so background music will have to wait . I searched for freely usable mod files repositories, but couldn't find any. I mean, there are tons of places with freely distributable mod music, but not with files you can re-use in your own works (I'll be more than glad to be proven wrong, though ) Anyway I'll add some music for the upcoming complete version...

...'cause the master plan now is releasing some kind of "teaser", a demo with at least a few locations, objects, characters and a puzzle or two just to check the whole thing works in time for the comp and making the whole game (with its complete story and soundtrack) hopefully in time for the Disney movie release next march... provided tomorrow nothing unexpected happens and screws the plan!

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Old 30 January 2012, 00:22   #11
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maybe we can gain 2/3 more months for the deadline
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Old 30 January 2012, 00:36   #12
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Would be posting mine up, only 1/2 a level and poor graphics and gameplay, unimaginablely depressing playing it. But I can't figure out how to make a floppy games disk from SEUCK.

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Old 01 February 2012, 01:49   #13
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Was unable to enter my game in time... Appears noone knows how to compile a game together in SEUCK. :P
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Had no time yet to say thanks for letting a small cormer for the Amiga Mania magazine under the XMas tree, so.... Thank you
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Old 02 February 2012, 08:53   #15
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You're welcome, I just hope that someone visited my page and found your great magazine.
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Old 03 January 2014, 19:06   #16

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What happened to Amiga Christmas Tree? missed the last two years.

Amiga Christmas Tree
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Old 03 January 2014, 21:13   #17
Amiga will never die!
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Since she finds it too hard to post now, certainly won't ever talk about her feelings with anyone else, and because I know her in real life I feel I should post for her.

Cammy has been too depressed to work on the Amiga Christmas Tree website for the last couple of years. She's been scared off from the Amiga community by headstrong guys (trolls) who don't understand (or worse, they do understand and do it on purpose) how their skeptical, negative attitudes affect sensitive, creative people like Cammy, and by guys who became reliant on her selfless, helpful nature and worked her tirelessly having her solve their problems for them. She tried to help too much and never knew how to ask for help when she needed it herself, or how to say no to someone else who asked too much from her. She changed from this smart, inspirational girl into a dull, defeated wreck. She needed a break from all of this to give her time to heal. She's been doing a little better over the past couple of months, I know she's very happy about the recent Amiga game releases and really wishes she could have run the Amiga Christmas Tree site and game making competitions again, but she knows she can't handle it alone.

I know she really wished she could ask the guys who made games for the previous Christmas competitions if they'd like to bugfix, polish or add to their games and submit them to be published on a special Amiga Christmas CD which would run on CDTV, CD32 and any Amiga with a CD drive (or by mounting the ISO on any other Amiga). But she never got around to sending the prizes off to the first winners and just breaks down and gets too depressed any time she thinks about it. The prizes are still just sitting there in boxes, she only needs to contact the winners and ask for their current addresses and save up for a few weeks to pay the postage, but she's become too shy to even send private messages now. I know that she got really hurt by one of the winners who was annoyed at not having received his prize and requested that she send him a Sega Mega Drive instead, which she fretted about for months trying to figure out how she'd get one for him.

Okay so she sounds pretty pathetic, and I bet a lot of guys reading this are disgusted by her behaviour, but I'm afraid that's just part of the package with these lovely, creative girls. They're wonderful when they have some support, but they tend to take the weight of the world on their shoulders and get crushed by it. If she ever spills out her feelings it's met with "Don't be such a crybaby", which only hurts her more. And when she's depressed, her friends and everyone around her get depressed as well. Depressed people drag you down with them, it's like getting stuck in quicksand and it really sucks because nothing gets done.

What Cammy needs is people to converse with her, not tell her what to do. Try to be open to her ideas and hear her out, don't shut her down. I'm not referring to anyone in this thread, I know FOL has been a big help with hosting the site for her. She used to post on all the Amiga forums, and she hardly posts anywhere on the net any more because she doesn't feel welcome anywhere any more.
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Old 03 January 2014, 21:40   #18
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Thank you for writing this post. I don't think she sounds pathetic at all, who among us doesn't have demons to fight and who never had dark periods in his life? I don't know Moya personally, but I have been following her on Facebook and I've always thought she's a very sweet and obviously sensitive and fragile person. I'm sorry to hear about her troubles but at least as you say she's a little better now. I think it would be nice if you told her on behalf of us that we will all be here whenever she is ready to return.

And speaking as a past winner, I really don't care about my prize! I think I even said that to her before. I'm just happy she gave me the incentive to make a little game, one I play every Christmas period. She really must not loose any sleep over it.
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Old 03 January 2014, 21:44   #19
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Give her a big hug from me, Rebel-CD32, <3 and wish her a peacefull, healty New Year. Now i know why i haven't seen her online here on EAB for a very long time.
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Thats sad reading.
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