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Old 22 December 2011, 14:13   #21
Graham Humphrey
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Definitely the continued popularity of the EAB/Lemon Super League and the Knockout tournament... especially the Knockout as we had 29 people take part in the Pinball Dreams round. And getting my personal best scores on the Nightmare table, and in Pang as well.

Also getting to review and preview new games and programs for Amiga Future... my favourite (although not strictly new) was definitely the improved version of Alien Fish Finger, by quite a long way.
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Old 22 December 2011, 14:15   #22
Targ Explorer

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Meeting a good crowd of Amigans at Replay 2011 in Blackpool.
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Old 23 December 2011, 19:48   #23
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Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Cambridge, UK
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Compared to most people on here, I'm an extremely light Amiga user (probably spend a couple of hours a year using it but much more time reading about it).

My best moment this year was getting hold of an original Amiga 500 box (but obviously with a different serial number on it).

I never thought I'd be able to find just the box on its own on eBay.

Other than that, all I've done this year is buy a couple of new games.
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Old 23 December 2011, 20:28   #24
Puttymoon inhabitant
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Aaahhh - i nearly forgot: ALIEN FISH FINGER v1.31!
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Old 23 December 2011, 20:37   #25
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The arrival of my ACA630, A604, Indivision ECS and A600 in december. The A600 has finally become what it should have been back then. :-)

Somewhere in january, I'll buy a Subway and a Transcend flash drive and have a nice little baby miggie on my desk.
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Old 24 December 2011, 00:20   #26
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For me was:

Joining Commodore Is Awesome and be able to publish some memorable stories of my past with the Amiga.

Assembling a new full Workbench setup with all the bells and whistles and tailored to my needs. Last time i did that was on 1995. Also good to know i haven't lost my touch on those things.
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Old 24 December 2011, 00:33   #27
Zone Friend

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Getting my kryoflux to work, and read 880K disks of 20+ years old which were stored away since 10+ years for the first time, with no errors!

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Old 24 December 2011, 01:46   #28
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I guess I could say today, playing Mr. Beanbag on my a1200!
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Old 24 December 2011, 10:54   #29
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Location: UK
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For me it's gotta be switching on my old 1200 and not having it explode in my face. Or hearing the floppy drive click. Orrr finding out that super hires looks pretty decent on a HDTV despite the age difference between display and computer.
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Old 29 December 2011, 23:07   #30
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For me, to have at last finished my Amiga floppy collection . More than 1300 resurected floppies in a special room !!! And EVERYTIME when i tried a new transfered game, the so special feeling to discover without knowing what i will hear or see !

This was possible because of the many advices and dialogs here when i encountered a problem, thank you SO MUCH everyone !
Old 29 December 2011, 23:31   #31
Global Moderator

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Without a doubt, it has to be this moment - little more than three years after registering!

Thanks RCK!
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Old 30 December 2011, 00:48   #32
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Getting a ACA630, A604 and Indivision ECS for my 600. Oh and finishing Dizzy POTYF
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Old 30 December 2011, 00:54   #33
Can’t rain all the time..

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Playing this demo after many years

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Old 30 December 2011, 01:08   #34
Yeah Hup!

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Hmm none for me. 2011 would have been the year I least paid any attention to the Amiga. Bought bugger all bits, ran bugger all UAE, visited bugger all EAB, and fired up bugger all amigas...

Might have to rectify this for the coming year.
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Old 30 December 2011, 01:44   #35

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Entering another new high score for Turrican II whilst the ballad of the hero rings majestically in your ears, your name in lights, adrenaline still lingering and a sense of closure...for now. Yep I was well chuffed!
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Old 30 December 2011, 07:12   #36
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I'd have to say simply buying a real Amiga. I grew up and still live in the US, where the Amiga never really took off. In fact, the only time I saw a real Amiga growing up was when I was in the 5th grade, when I went to a friend's birthday party and they had an Amiga 500. A few years ago, I discovered the joy of Amiga gaming via emulation and started to really get into the format.

Finally, this year, after years of admiring the format, I took the plunge and bought an Amiga CD32, a PAL one. I spent several hundreds of dollars getting the thing to work on my NTSC CRT TV, and a good 50 bucks finding a good power converter to plug the thing into my wall, but by god it worked.

I've since then picked up another CD32, and an Amiga 1200. So, I'd have to say that 2011 will be remembered by me simply as being the year I finally jumped in. 10 years ago, in 2001, I bought a PC Engine Duo and absolutely fell in love with the format, and hopefully, going forward, I experience the same love relationship with the Amiga.
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Old 30 December 2011, 16:17   #37
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Finally, after having it sitting around for 2 years, fitting the CF adaptor and card into my A1200 just yesterday and having a silent, fast booting A1200 games machine.

Now for the customisation to turn it into a workhorse that I can start making music on again and revisiting some very old tunes - along with a MIDI interface I've acquired - and listening to those 13-15 year old tunes I haven't heard in that many years.
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Old 30 December 2011, 23:40   #38
Posts: n/a
Welcome into the family mate, it is really great to read words like yours !
Old 31 December 2011, 15:33   #39
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For me it was getting my amiga permanently set up in the "snug" room of my house.

Oh and scariest but most satisfying moment was taking a router to the top cover of my A1260 to cut a slot for the slot loading DVD drive
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Old 31 December 2011, 15:36   #40
Amibay Mod/Staff

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trying to explain that my computer was an a amiga using real amiga hardware and software playing in real amiga games in a full tower

not a pc emulating it all

at a retro night i go to
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