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New Contribution: Primi Passi (1987)(Juan Hotz)(It)[cr Horasoft & Aha]


I've had a new Amiga (Applications, [ADF]) image sent in by Devil Master (new contributor).

Email text:
"Hi, as you wrote in the TOSEC forum, I'm sending you the files I modified: Captain Blood for Atari ST with the voices and the text translated to Italian, and Primi Passi for Amiga with the spelling mistakes fixed.
I don't know the correct way to name them, so I left the original names, plus a brief description in ALL CAPITALS at the end of the file, of what I did.

Also, I noticed that the name of the Primi Passi file mentions "Juan Hotz" and "cracked by Horasoft & Aha". That information is wrong. The intro screen mentions the devloper's name as Juan Holz (with an L, not a T). As you can see here (
http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Juan/Holz ) Juan Holz was the owner of Horasoft, which developed Primi Passi (originally called "The Very First"). And AHA was the company that developed the script interpreter used by that program: that can be seen in the intro screen that says "Sviluppato usando l'interpreter di AHA" = "Developed using AHA's interpreter"."

TOSEC Forum Thread:

ADF Image:

I've added the Atari ST image mentioned in the email, but do one of you want to pick up the Amiga one? Looks like it needs adding to Apps (ADF).

If busy, I don't mind adding.... just didn't want to confuse things with different people adding to an active DAT.
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