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I remember an episode of MIAMI VICE where the bad guys had broken in into the downtown police office, and had stolen sensitive data (names or addresses) of good undercover guys. When they showed the actual 'crime spot', the computer where they 'did it', it was showing an Amiga 1000 with a normal CLI shell window with blue background (the default colour scheme) with just a 1> prompt.

Sony Crockett looked at it while Ricardo Tubbs looked at the 3,5" floppies next to it, while an agent said "look, here is the box with discs where they took data off"

yeah sure

But still cool it was an Amiga in full glory close-up!
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In Wayne's World 2, Garth is wearing a toaster T-shirt.

Close enough?
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Originally posted by th4t1guy
In Wayne's World 2, Garth is wearing a toaster T-shirt.

Close enough?
That's because one of the stars of Wayne's World (Dana Carvey), his brother was one of the programmers of the Video Toaster at NewTek.
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Not a movie but

I remember the cable company in the area where I used to live was Cable and Wireless, and sometimes the info channel, which had local advertisements on, used an Amiga to scroll through them. I knew this because sometimes the program would crash and as I was surfing the channels, low and behold, a workbench screen where the local adverts should be hehe
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Always fun to see errors on TV. I remember a quite persistant Win 3.1 error.
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Its was called...

Originally posted by Antiriad
How about movies that had Amigas IN them? I seem to recall some dreadful late eighties Dexter Fletcher flick where he typed away on his Amiga 500 - although what was on the screen was quite un Amiga like...
The Rachael Papers, and I think he was using Memacs for typing.

Robocop 2, all the visual displays in the drugs laboratory trailer and the graphics used to animate Cain on the screen on the front of Robocop 2 were Amiga/Toaster.

All pre-production for Jurassic Park was done on Amiga/Toaster.

First two series of Babylon 5 were Amiga/Toaster.

USS Defiant design and implementation were done on Amiga/Toaster by Digital Domain and then transferred into ILM's systems.

A lot of movies have either used the Amiga/Toaster combo for creating onscreen graphics, or for pre-production work (i.e. to get something quickly onscreen so animators and actors know how to interact, and then they use SGI to finish off).

Lots and lots of TV and Cable companies still use Amiga/Toaster, as to the RAF.

A Pop show called The Chart Show used to use Amiga and a Genlock to overlay text and boxes.

Some Aussie film called Floor 13 or something similar had lots of Amiga's on screen.

Plenty of softcore porn films generally have an Amiga somewhere in the background.

As far as the Amiga/Toaster combination goes, the only reason it worked so well on the Amiga, is because the Amiga was perfectly syncronised for video input/output. If you've seen many news and tv documentaries, sometimes you will see a PC / MAc display in the background and they are flickering all over the place, but if you see an Amiga, it will never be seen flickering.
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There was some horror flick from 1990 called “Buried Alive” and the credits were all done on the Amiga. I remember downloading the file (in anim5 format!) from a BBS in 1991. I still have it somewhere.
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Slightly off topic, but I'm sure that I read some years ago that the British Royal Navy placed an order for Amiga based equipment for use in ships. Whether it was ever actually delivered or used I know not.

The last thing they saw on screen before HMS Nottingham ran aground the other week... a Guru meditation!!
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