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Knights Remake

Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce that I have created a remake of "Knights", a 2-player dungeon bashing game that was released for the Amiga in 1994.

The remake is available as a free download here: http://www.knightsgame.org.uk/


For those that don't remember the original, the game basically involves two knights that have to run around a randomly generated dungeon, fight zombies and vampire bats, and try to be the first to solve a particular quest. My remake is very similar to the original (it even uses the original graphics), but it supports Internet and LAN games, and it allows more than 2 players (i.e. more than two knights in the dungeon at the same time).

I am organizing a regular multiplayer game of Knights, every Sunday, at 19:00 GMT. If any Knights fans are reading this: well, I can tell you that multiplayer Knights is even more fun than the two player version so why not join us this Sunday? New players would also be very welcome, of course. If interested, please go to http://www.knightsgame.org.uk/server_list.php and click on the "Vote" button (this is optional, but it gives us an idea of how many players will turn up).

Thank you for your attention
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That look Interesting and I will check it out
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Heavy Stylus
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I wish you'd left the pixel art as it was and not attempted to upscale it
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There's an option to use the original pixel art if you want. Just go to Options and set "Graphics Scaling" to "Pixellated"
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