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Old 03 September 2002, 21:16   #1
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This is driving me mad!!!!!

Okay here starts it......

Right, I have posted ablout this before and even pestered Toni about this and a good few months on (and new releases of the emulator) I still cannot get WinUAE to recognise my CD-Drive

Okay lets start with my hardware and what I have done...

My specs

P4 1.7Ghz
512 Mb RAM
Geforce 2 MX 440
Windows XP
80 Gig HardDrive

The emulator settings

WinUAE ver 0.8.21 r4
Basic workbench 3.0 installed from original floppies
Kick 3.0 (obtained from my own A1200)
2Mb Chip - 8Mb Fast
68040 processor set to fastest possible, maintaining chipset timing
Display 800x600 32bit 75Hz
UAE scsi.device checked
use ASPI SCSI layer checked

Worbench settings

Basic workbench - nothing added
AmiCDFS installed as per the guide supplied.

Now I believe that is as much info as required, and I hope that the settings are mostly correct (although probably not) so if anyone can tell me where I've been going wrong - Excellent!

See no matter what I have personally tried the CD drive is in no way detected. Through workbench it says that volume CD0: is already mounted..... Has anyone ever got AmiCDFS working through WinUAE?

I do know that people have had IDEFix working, but unfortunately I have lost my reg. details whilst moving from my parents to my new house

All help gratefully appreciated......
Old 04 September 2002, 00:04   #2
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Did you try to add the words OLDMODE DC=3 to the Control line of AmiCDFS's mount file ? This is yet the only way to get it run.
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Old 04 September 2002, 00:45   #3
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Hmm Didn't work :(

Yeah just tried that and it is still totally dead! There has to be some reason and also a fix to this problem....
Old 06 September 2002, 10:46   #4
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Try this

Check show pc drives at startup. It should reconise it then!
Old 06 September 2002, 12:28   #5
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You're funny.
If you check PC drives at startup, you won't need a CD filesystem anymore!
Unfortunately, the CD-ROM won't behave like a real Amiga CD-ROM then, though ...
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Old 06 September 2002, 13:47   #6
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Big grin Doh!

Old 07 September 2002, 18:57   #7
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I dont know if i can help you but try this!

1. Double check that you have the Adaptec SCSI ASPI layer installed... use a favorite search engine to find an XPaspi install kit! XP does not have this as defualt!

2. Once thats been checked/installed start UAE and load your config file and make sure "Add PC drives at startup" is unticked!

3. Run the emulator and install IDEFix97! config the cd-rom to 0! and reboot the amiga with a cd in the drive

If it works you will know as the cd will start spinning as the amiga knows its there!

If nothing happens and the amiga kicks off about the scsi.device not working! shut it down and re-start uae and edit the config by turning off "USE ASPI SCSI layer" i know it sounds dumb but i had to do that once to make it work.
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Old 18 October 2002, 14:20   #8
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Got it working!!! Well just a little - HELP!

Okay, I forgot about this problem as I've been away and have recently found my original IDEFix registration number. I have installed IDEFix 97 and input the registration number and now I have got CD recognition!!! (About time..)

Now, though, I have a new problem.... Any time I try to open files greater than only a few k from the CD I get the message "Volume xxx has a Read/Write Error."

I have tried messing around with settings and used different CD's and still no avail. I have tried at least 70 Amiga Magazine CD-Roms.

CD32 Emulation through WinUAE seems to work to a point (if I boot the CD,) but seems to fail after a while. Running games though works without a hitch.

I thought that this would be a problem to do with my DVD/CDRW combo drive, so I created an ISO of various CD's and mounted them using Daemon Tools. Guess what? Read/Write error!

Hope anyone can get this thing sorted or this comp is going out the window!
Old 18 October 2002, 14:41   #9
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Untick "use aspi layer" (it is not needed under Windows 2000 or XP) or add maxtransfer=0xf000 to CD0:-mountlist.

BTW: latest release does not need OLDMODE-hacks anymore.
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Old 18 October 2002, 14:54   #10
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Still no joy

I have "use ASPI layer" unticked, otherwise the CD doesn't get recognised.

Also within AmigaDos I get a dialogue with Error 296!

Any Ideas.
Old 19 October 2002, 16:23   #11
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Thumbs up

I too still have no CD on winuae,
I cant seem to get my head round the installation of amicdfs(is it done from inside uae or in windows?)
I dont have many CD's to run, just a few coverdiscs but would like it working for completeness sake.
Any help, in plain and simple terms, would be very much appreciated. Rob
Old 22 October 2002, 17:21   #12
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Big grin YESSSS!!!!! Thats it!

Thanks Toni for all your help. The actual problem was with the maxtransfer as suggested. Anychance of explaining what this means/does?

Cheers again mate...
Old 22 October 2002, 18:49   #13
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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MaxTransfer = maximum number of bytes that can be transferred at one time. ASPI is limited to 64K.

Windows 2000/XP native SCSI support don't have this limitation.

I have "use ASPI layer" unticked, otherwise the CD doesn't get recognised.
Thats odd. Do you have admin privileges? Anything interesting in WinUAE's log? (Note that uaescsi.device unit numbers are usually different in ASPI and non-ASPI modes)
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Old 22 October 2002, 18:53   #14
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I reckon so...

I think I must have got adnim privaledges coz Im the only user set up on my comp. Also do you want a copy of my log file?
Does the adaptec xp aspi layer interfere with winuae maybe?

*Fixed it again - unit numbers changed!

Last edited by Doozy; 22 October 2002 at 19:15.

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