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Copperlist to fit Atari ST screen possible?

Is it possible to build a Copperlist to fit Atari ST screen configuration ?
See http://www.atari-forum.com/wiki/inde..._Specification

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You mean "emulating" the interleaved bitplanes of the ST? If so, yes, that's perfectly possible.
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Yeah that what I meant, good to know for porting ST games.

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StingRay: How exactly can you get the Amiga to effectively display a word from the 1st plane then skip 3 words for the next 3 planes, repeated all across the scanline?

(Emulating a 320x200 16 colour screen obviously).

If the screen width was 2 words, easy. But 20 words? I can't see how it would work. If it could work, wouldn't it be rather trivial to convert almost any ST game to the Amiga just by changing the sound?

Last edited by Codetapper; 23 November 2011 at 19:20. Reason: Correction: Need to skip 3 words not 6!
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Can't what you're describing just be done with bitplane modulos or is that too obvious?

EDIT: went and actually bothered to look at the description in the link kamelito posted... I see what you're getting at Codetapper that modulos alone won't cut it.

Last edited by pmc; 22 November 2011 at 22:50. Reason: It was too obvious :D
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Old 22 November 2011, 23:07   #6
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Yup I don't think this can be done - I think Stingray underestimated how truly horrible the ST's screen format was
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The best way I've found to do ST screen conversion is converting it with CPU. My code uses ~35% cpu on 50 Mhz 030 to perform 320x200 screen (16 colors) conversion at 50 fps (provided source screen is in fastmem).
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