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Old 24 September 2011, 22:49   #1
Banana in disk drive eror
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funny things in games

Has this thread been done already? Sorry if it has.

What are funny things that you have seen in games (intentional or not)

EG: when creating the save game disk in Cannon Fodder it aks you to make it a coffee and pour it in its vents lol - hope nobody actually did

And then it just says loads of random funny stuff like "Banana in disk drive error" etc.

What have you guys/girls seen thats made you chuckle
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Old 24 September 2011, 23:27   #2
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In the final level of The Untouchables you can shoot at a cat and if you hit it, it's head comes off and bounces around the screen.
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Old 24 September 2011, 23:50   #3
Zone Friend

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-small green monster from Barbarian kicking decapitated, bouncing head
-laughing cameraman in North & South
-random loud belch in Fright Night
-biting walls in B.C. Kid
-small aliens from Benefactor screaming "no" if you bring them to the edge of platform
not intentional:
-sliding from stairs on face in Barbarian II
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Old 25 September 2011, 14:40   #4
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Speaking of loading/saving screens, in Baldur's Gate the game reminds you that "while your characters do not need to eat, you do. We don't want to lose any dedicated players."

Now that's confidence in their product. Better than food.

As far as unintentional, all the dialogue in Flashback.
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Old 25 September 2011, 16:42   #5
Targ Explorer

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end credits in simon the sorceror made me chuckle...
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Old 23 May 2012, 16:41   #6
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not intentional (?):
-walking and kicking animation of Van Helsing in Brides of Dracula, you can see it here [ Show youtube player ] at 1:04:00
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Old 23 May 2012, 21:11   #7
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
not intentional (?):
-walking and kicking animation of Van Helsing in Brides of Dracula, you can see it here [ Show youtube player ] at 1:04:00
Since it is in French, I'll just translate the fact that the commentator says that the walking animation reminds him of John Cleese in the Ministry of silly walks sketch:
[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 23 May 2012, 22:07   #8
Gets there in the end...

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the animated balls in Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker raised a titter!
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Old 23 August 2015, 22:56   #9
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The surprised elephant restart-points in Trolls and the attacking soldiers knocking on the door of the enemy hut in The Settlers come to mind. Wizkid has a few funny moments, the dog with the newspaper for example. I remember Mega-Lo-Mania feeling humourous as well, though nothing specific comes to mind now.
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Old 24 August 2015, 00:02   #10
Michael Sykes
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Tiertex games: Black comedy in its finest form
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Old 24 August 2015, 09:38   #12
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We already have thread like this and what is better - the name of the thread is almost exactly the same.


Please any mod to merge threads.
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