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advice required with A1200

Having dusted off my Amiga 1200, I have decided to give it a new drive and have opted for 4Gb CF drive sold by Amigakit.

My present set-up consists of :

A1200 (kickstart 3.0)
workbench 3.0
80MB Hard drive
blizzard 1220/4 (no fpu)
Phillips Monitor
Midi Interface
Mouse & Joystick/wireless joypads

Before I install WB3.0 on the new drive, could anyone tell me
1. Would O/S3.1 work with the 3.0 kickstart rom or would I need to upgrade the rom to 3.1?
2. Is it worth upgrading to O/S3.1 and what would be the benefits?
3. If the rom is Upgraded to 3.1 would it be better to upgrade to O/S 3.9 if I can get hold of the disk?
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Workbench 3.1 will work fine on a Kickstart 3.0 system, so no worries there.

Upgrading to 3.9, which will require the 3.1 Kickstart, is only worth it if you plan on installing a fast accelerator and maybe a 24bit graphics card. Otherwise you're better off sticking with 3.1, it's faster anyway.
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As Rebel has pointed out, 3.9 really needs a bit more CPU and FASTRAM to get the most out of it so if you're going to stick with that card you're better off with 3.1.

If you did want to run 3.9 then I'd recommend one of the new ACA 030's.

You should also look at getting a CF transfer kit and have a good look at Classic Workbench and WHDLOAD
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@ Rebel & Nova
Thanks for your replies.
You have confirmed what I already suspected, I will probably update the Rom anyway and Install O/S 3.1, but I wasn't looking to spend too much as I'm not how much it will get used.
The CF drive is coming with WHDLOAD pre-installed but I will take a look at classic workbench. The CF transfer kit is something I need to take a look at.


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What a result. Ordered the CF drive from Amigakit Monday night and it was waiting for me when I got home tonight.
The easyadf CF transfer kit from Amigakit has been ordered this afternoon and was despatched before end of play today so I should be having fun soon.

Just need to work how to use WHDload and LHA.run (don't take thinks in as quick as I used to!)

I have decided to stick with the 3.0 rom and Workbench for now.

Got to hand it to Amigakit, excellent communications and very prompt delivery.
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i would say that it depends on what you want to achieve, if its a classic gaming rig, then install wb3.0 and leave the rom as 3.0, install (and register) WHDLoad

if its something else, the i would do a bit more research before upgrading anything, i have upgraded my A1200 a few times, losing money on the upgrades when i sell them on

WHDload is pretty easy to set up, just download and install... i also have Amigakit's EasyADF and it really easy to transfer WHDLoad pre-installs (thanks KG) to my A1200's CFHD

if you get stuck, drop me a PM, it looks like my set-up is pretty similar to yours (link)
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Thanks for the orders!

We reguarly update the EasyADF software - look out for future free updates.
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