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Which Flash Drive 4Gb is suitable?

Hi im thinking of ordering a 4gb CF to replace my old (broken) 20mb A600HardDrive. Ive seen a few inc' Kingston,Sandisk,Transend but which is best. im sure the maker isnt an issue but they all have differing x133,x200,x400 transfer speeds i pressume a standard Transend 4gb x133 (£8 from My Memory) will surfice or are there other considerations? They also have a kingston 4gb CF for £7 delivered but not transfer details. Ive already ordered the CF adapter board & a CF PCMCIA adapter for file swapping and they're on there way.
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i've used Sandisk. But be careful there are lots of fakes out there. I ended up with a 4 gig fake, and it cause me a lot of grief.
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cheers for that
I guess im seeing if theres any reason that using a different <4GB CF card with differing spec will or wont work with my Amiga? The sandisk is a fiver more than the transcend & Kingston CF cards so im just been cheap. ive used kingston memory on other occasions with good results & ive bought stuff from my memory before, they're a reputable dealer and good value considering usual UK prices.
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I can second that, I just fitted a 4gb Sandisk Ultra (30mb/s model) to my A1200, works just dandy! After I figured out how to put Workbench 3.1 back on it that is!

But like Stef said, be wary of fakes, so watch that minefield that is eBay! It's where I got mine from though, so you just have to be careful.


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