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Gimbal, this is a helpful guide for Armourgeddon.
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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Gimbal, this is a helpful guide for Armourgeddon.
Nice! I'm certainly going to give that a read this evening. Hopefully it will answer some questions I've had for a looooong time...
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Jonathan Drain
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K240 should have null modem multiplayer, like Populous. I always thought it'd be cool if you had a human opponent, but his ships and buildings looked alien to you.

I read in an interview that multiplayer was originally on the design documents, but they couldn't do it on time. I wonder if it was too difficult for K240? You had a lot of data to track (24 asteroids, 100 buildings per asteroid, 700 ships and however many missiles, per tick), and that might have been too much for a null modem cable to handle.
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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Dragon Ninja definitely could have used a second firebutton for jumping.
Level 2 is next to impossible to complete because of the stupid impossible controls.
Agreed. If you're playing with a Tac-2 it's possible to jump, but with a joystick with microswitches it's almost impossible to jump.
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Flashback: On Amiga (and SNES and MD), when you change screens, you have a black screen for 1-2 seconds.

Never really bothered me, but I just noticed that on DOS, there is almost no delay. Check at 1:14 onwards:
[ Show youtube player ]

Now, I don't remember how things work on real hardware (either Amiga* or DOS), so perhaps the DOS version benefits from the CPU power behind Dosbox emulation.

You can get a much shorter delay between screens on emulated Amiga by fiddling with the Emulation speed : Adjustable between CPU and chipset.
Not sure if it will bear consequences in the long term when playing.

*: I found this video of someone playing it on a real A600 and he has the 1-2 seconds delay:
[ Show youtube player ]
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If Subwar 2050 would have 2 players mode via cable, it would be just awesome game. Now it is only amazing
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I concur with Dragon Ninja, although the jumping isnt as bad as suggested here. Once a person gets used to the jumping it's more of an annoyance than hindrance. I ended up completing it without cheating a few times.

That said however the little bit ropey collision detection, and difficult in jumping turned what could have been a great conversion into a slightly above average game.

In regards to Alien Syndrome, somehow Id never noticed the bad scrolling before now. I used to play it quite a bit with my brother and a friend "back in the day". Having now noticed I admit improved scrolling would be nice, but I don't think it hurt the gameplay too much.

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shufflepuck cafe 2 players amiga linked !!!!!! should be a killer
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