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Floppy disk [Found: Zone Warrior] Turrican or Shadow of the Beast-ish game

Hi all,

For a few years now I've been hunting for a game I had back on the Amiga 500, and I was hoping a kind person on these forums may remember it too

The main character as far as I can remember resembled the turrican suit but was blue and the title sequence looked as though it was science fiction with levels to be set in assorted space places.

For the first level however I think you began in a pyramid or Egyptian themed dungeon area and had to rescue women who were chained up throughout the level calling for help.

For a 2D platformer it also had a map feature and doors in the foreground and background that would lead to other 2D corridor areas (Myth had a very similar level). There were floors/blocks that fell apart on contact with the hero making for some tricky puzzles in order to get to the women.

I remember that the first level boss appeared to be an pharaoh or anubis that flew around a large room on a throne (I could be a bit off on that, it has been a very long time).

If anyone could remember this game I would be incredibly appreciative, I don't think I ever completed that first level and would really like to give it another shot - many years on

EDIT: Found - Zone Warrior

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You sure it is not Yo! Joe ?
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Thank you for the fast reply Sadly not, I don't remember it being cartoony at all. I think it was very similar to Myth but the intro / death page I think had a layout of the sort of levels you'd see - A highish res image of a series of overlapping buildings, one being the pyramid but all very dark.
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Originally Posted by acedias View Post
I remember that the first level boss appeared to be an pharaoh or anubis
It must be Sir Fred: The Legend then

Death Trap? Or Arabian Nights?
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acedias: It might help us (and you) if you draw a picture of it and attach it as often when you draw something you'll remember other things.

Did you have an energy bar or a single touch killed you?
What kind of weapons did you have to defend yourself?
Did you rescue the hostages just by walking up to them?
Did the game scroll or was it a series of single screens?
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Zone Warrior http://hol.abime.net/1632/screenshot
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Thank you! I'd forgotten about the annoying 'HELPPPP' that the women kept shouting, and also that the egyptian level wasn't the first level Updating as found.

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