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Floppy disk AbkViewer - AMOS sprite bank viewer in Java

I have created a sprite bank viewer in Java for Amiga AMOS BASIC sprite and icon banks:

To download some sample ABK files to use with this viewer, and for the source code and more information:
AbkViewer files

This project has already been featured on Softpedia for Mac OS X, although as it is cross-platform, it also works on Windows and Linux platforms.
AbkViewer is also open source and public domain.

P.S. It was also a good birthday present to send to Fran├žois Lionet today, which he enjoyed.

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Oh man, this would have been so useful to me exactly two weeks ago... Sounds like a great project!
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Old 16 July 2011, 15:09   #3
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AbkViewer has been updated and now includes full support for 64 colour Extra Half-Brite (EHB) images.

It also now supports sprite and icon banks with empty images.

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Floppy disk New download link

Update: AbkViewer is now downloadable here (without going through SourceForge):

Abk Viewer (runnable JAR)

AbkViewer has also been integrated into the jAMAL project.

[ Show youtube player ]

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Old 19 February 2012, 05:47   #5
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Floppy disk AbkViewer for AROS

Update: I am working on a port of this to AROS, rewritten in ISO C90 using AROS libraries, and compiled with AROS GCC.

A SourceForge page has been created for this project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/arosamosabk.
An ISO file is also available on SourceForge for easy use with e.g. VMWare or VirtualBox.

An image corruption bug has now been fixed. Grab the latest build from SourceForge, now with added icons.

The latest release fixes a bug with the window borders, and adds many more features from the Java version including image zooming and spacing.
Some screenshots of this running on Win32 hosted AROS, Icaros Desktop and AROS Broadway are on the SourceForge page.
Updates are pending on The AROS Archives and Aminet.

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Old 11 July 2013, 15:47   #7
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Has development on this stopped?

I was wondering if it was possible to export the images as PNG in their native colour palettes (not 24bit!)
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Old 12 October 2014, 15:49   #8
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Great tool!
An export as .png button would be a welcome addition to the program as Bippym pointed out.
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Old 13 October 2014, 16:22   #9
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Hi, I haven't worked on this for years! I've released the code for this tiny project with absolutely no strings attached, however, so it can be used even without attribution.

Its ABK code was included in jAMOS. I also did a version in C++ for AROS and MorphOS, which was less stable.

My most recent related project was XAMOS (which included some ABK code from the AROS/MorphOS C++ version, but made cross-platform) and that is no longer active either.

In reply to Bippy's post from July 2013, the code simply plots the sprites into 24 bit so respecting the native colour palettes to save to paletted PNG is not possible without a rewrite. Similarly, editing sprites and saving back to ABK isn't really possible with this code base.

AMOS ABK sprite bank format is quite simple and well documented though, the appendix to the AMOSPro manual describes it (which is what the code for this viewer was based on).
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