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Just how hot underneath should an Amiga get?

Discovered that my A1200 has been running rather hot underneath lately - where the Blizzard 1230/50 expansion card sits is the hottest - must be about 35-40degrees C to the touch. Admittedly, the processor and memory and other chips are all facing down, practically touching the expansion card slot, which would most likely explain the temperature I'm feeling. But the rest of the underside has varying degrees of luke warmness as well.

So what is an acceptable amount of heat underneath an Amiga anyway?
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The highest Temperature is right before the trapdoor begins to melt No seriously, sometimes my A1200 with 1230/50 Mhz. runs for a week or more without a break and it gets REALLY hot, but that´s really nothing to worry about

Just in case you want to do something against it : drill some holes into the trapdoor, that makes the air flow through the case better
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hey Mike, it likes to run hot. My A1200's "hot spots" are just where the expansion card is, andwhere the HD is.

I worry TOO MUCH about amiga overheating, so I always keep it cool. I have a small cooling fan around that I put so teh A1200 gets all the fresh air it needs. Runs mega cool for hours. So far I have put it in an 8 hours shift while working, and it barely got warm using this method.

I wouldn't risk it as Retroman does. But that's just me.
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do you know, that this is something i never thought about until my PC years
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Agree with Akira, I'm the cautious type too when it comes to amigas, but I've ran amigas when the ambient temprature was 40 deg .. those hot summer school holidays playing civilization to no end ... ahh the good old days... and never had the amiga break down. If you want to be sure use a fan like Akira.. Or get a smaller fan and just leave it running on top of the 1200 thru the vent lines..
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Originally posted by Miggy2TheMax
Or get a smaller fan and just leave it running on top of the 1200 thru the vent lines..
This is kind of what I did.Look here to see my A1200 with its fan, ready to rock the screens
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I also never worried about heating up my Amiga or my MSX until MSX 2 begun to have problems with heating up. After 2-3 hours turned on, the display would begin to tremble, and after sometime, you couldn't see nothing on screen. Since then I run it with a fan behind it, to cool it .
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