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ADF's n' DAT's n' stuff

Hey all,

In case anyone's interested...

Some of you may wish to point your favourite usenet leecher over to a.b.e.misc / a.b.e.tosec

Some of you may also wish to point your favourite web browser over towards www.tosec.org later today.

Enjoy and don't bitch at us too much
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Re: ADF's n' DAT's n' stuff

Originally posted by [idoru]
Enjoy and don't bitch at us too much
Man, I wanted to just wail on you and Dpainter for the new dat files
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2852 new games? Jeepers! /me starts filling up the hard drive yet again. I think this is the first time I've gotten the games before the new dats!
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Originally posted by Kodoichi
You stupid TOSEC team >=|

Shadow Of The Beast 3 has 3 disks, not 2!

Yes and no. There are two different cracks, I believe. I remember us going over this on here once before. There is indeed an intro disk, but maybe it wasn't a part of every crack, I forgot.

Either way, there wasn't enough of a heads-up for me to get everything posted to usenet from the new flood, but I got most of it. Just looking at the listings in the Agent window, I see many mistakes, including some games with multiple copies, yet crediting different companies, different spellings, etc. It looks like it was done by more than one person, that's for sure. So much to correct, but I think I'll concentrate my efforts on HOL and let that be the guiding light.
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I've written a program that reads a clrmame dat and outputs the list of unique tittles (It's also usefull to find typing and spelling errors)

Here is an example:

Total = 5197

'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun. (1993)(Alternative Software)
10 Out of 10 - Maths Number (demo) (1993)
1000 Miglia (1991)(Simulmondo)
1000cc Turbo (19xx)(-)
109 (1991)(Nordlicht PD)
1497 - Five Years After (1996)(J. Hagqvist)
17 + 4 (1990)(Media Verlag)
1869 - Erlebte Geschichte Teil I (1992)(Max Design)
1869 - History Experience Part I (1992)(Max Design)
18th Hole (1993)(S. Garside)
1942 (19xx)(Snake Software)
1943 - The Battle of Midway (1987)(GO!)
1945 Remix '97 (1997)(Pinpoint Graphics)
1990 (1990)(Neudelsoft)
1990 - Die 1993'er Edition (1993)(Neudelsoft)
1st. Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)
20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1988)(Coktel Vision)
20000 Lieues sous les mers (1988)(Coktel Vision)
20000 Meilen unter dem Meer (1988)(Coktel Vision)
3001 - O'Connors Fight (1990)(Rainbow Arts)
3D Games (1992)(Shad-Art)
3D Pool (1989)(MicroProse)
3D World Boxing (1992)(Simulmondo)
3D World Soccer (1992)(Simulmondo)
3D World Tennis (1992)(Simulmondo)
4-Way Lynx v1.11 (1990)(Deja-Vu)
4D Sports Boxing (1991)(Mindscape)
4D Sports Driving (1990)(Mindscape)
4Get It (1992)(T.T.R. Development)
4th & Inches (1988)(Accolade)

If you want the full Amiga list I'll upload it to the zone

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Yeah man, up it!
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In the zone
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The latest TOSEC list of Amiga games in the zone

Total = 5143
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Originally posted by Uukrul
The latest TOSEC list of Amiga games in the zone

Total = 5143
Thanks! That's really handy for correcting errors and comparing against unknown disks.
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