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When a "project" gets out of hand...

Apologies if this has been done before, but I didn't find anything with the search. I also apologise that it isn't Amiga related, but I needed to confess to someone, preferably a group that would understand my disease

Back in 2009 I had my Easter vacation coming up, and a Windows laptop only provides so much fun. Fallout 3 had been a nice diversion since my wife and I had split up, but a man needs more. Google provided the answer: XBMC on an XBOX. Seemed fairly cheap and easy to do, so that was it. I ordered an original XBOX through Amazon (£25 including delivery) and a 500GB hard-drive, downloaded the software, and waited to get started on Good Friday.

Long story short, it took until Tuesday or Wednesday to actually soft-mod the box (and many crates of Carling), but once it was done, I was very impressed. That was when the bug bit.

Bought the best mod-chip available, an X3, and the replacement front panel with VFD display and standard USB ports. Very nice, but by now I had read that you could use a 1TB drive with a suitable IDE-SATA (or is it SATA-IDE?) adapter so I bought of couple of those.

I spent hours downloading, installing and testing scripts, icons and plugins for XBMC. I bought an account at xboxisozone and downloaded over 100 games, most of which I still haven't played.

Then I realised I didn't have a very good TV, so I bought a full HD 32" unit with 2 x SCART, component and 2 x HDMI inputs. I even bought a Netgear wireless bridge to get the box online.

Running in 720 was nice, but then I tried something at 1080 and the box couldn't handle it, so I bought a HDX 1000 and another 1TB drive, to "complement" the XBOX.

The intention: to spend £100 on something to keep me occupied for the weekend.
The result? Something that has cost over £1000 and is nothing but a time sink in terms of maintence, but probably gets used for an hour a week (if that) for it's intended purpose, entertainment.

Anyone else?
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Originally Posted by Ffin View Post
The result? Something that has cost over £1000 and is nothing but a time sink in terms of maintence, but probably gets used for an hour a week (if that) for it's intended purpose, entertainment.

Anyone else?
Well, not related to electronics, but after I had my bicycle stolen I wanted to get back into riding. The last one was a very nice 1800 GBP bicycle, so it had to be at the same level. I did ride in some parts of the year up to 250 km a week, so it was serious use.

I joined a forum that had people sharing the same entusiasm towards bicycles to discuss what to get for my needs. That was my first fault. Then they had a craze around all mountain bikes with beefy suspension that could be used in heafty terrain and also on singeltracks. Now I did mostly my trips on gravel because I didn't have much singeltrack to choose from. But I liked the idea. So my 2000 GBP budget suddenly became 3600 GBP.

What I didn't account for was that I'm not that brave, so the bike I bought is now one of four bikes I own because even though it could do everything, it is too heavy for the fun gravel races, and after a bad jump on it which caused me everything from a broken helmet to a thrombus due to a damaged muscle - I'm kind of a pussy on the steeper parts of the trails.

So this 3600 GBP bike has now the value of around 6-800 GBP if I were to sell it. it was used quite a bit until I bought more suitable bikes for my need - and after that it even spent a couple of years in storage. Still I have it with the intention of using it more.

And the bike I use the most, it is quite close to the bike I initially looked at..
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The intended purpose is the challenge, not the use of the results

I ended up setting up a media centre about 4 years ago based on MythTV, and have been constantly refining it... About 18 months ago it passed the WAF test, and is now in use daily

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When I was 18, I wanted an Amiga to watch oldskool demos and play some games and modules (ProTracker). Then I got another Amiga 1200 (new old-stock from Amigakit!). Then I got 2x Apollo 040 that I sent to Cosmos for upgrade to 060. The other one didn't work and got fried, the second one worked when it wanted to. Both of them are totally smashed now.
Later I got an A600 + A603, and A500... Then I got an Amiga 2000! Oh my! Then Blizzard 2060 and Picasso II.

Result? A lot of money spent!
I regret everything Amiga I bought except for the Amiga 2000 and the "new old-stock" A1200. I really, really love the not-in-keyboard Amigas. I'll definitely buy an Amiga 4000 in the future.

EDIT: I've also wasted buttload of money on broken XBOX 360s, but finally I got one that I managed to JTAG.

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Isn't a project 'designed' to sink time and money, but that's the fun of it right?

My main project is/was an arcade machine I got for £120 about 7 years ago. Then I bought new monitors, power supplies, pcb's and various other parts... in short at least a good £1000+ on it and it's still never quite finished

But it's a great project and I don't regret a minute of it.
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Originally Posted by Nipedley View Post
Isn't a project 'designed' to sink time and money, but that's the fun of it right?
Very true. I'm currently going through all the installed games (100+), directory by directory, removing foreign language files to make room for more games and video files.
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