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Re-release of Sniper (game I made in '99)


I've been trying to transfer all my old a1200 data to my laptop without succes, but in the meantime I did transfer an old lha of a shoot-em-up game i made via floppy.
I made this in '99, so I must've been... twelve years old. I went by the alias of Ropy, and I think I uploaded my shoot-em-up to aminet. Since it's no longer there, I announce the re-release of Sniper!

Coded in AMOS, and never actually "finished", it'll still give you a few minutes of fun. You can shoot and drop mines, killing critters in two different worlds. And I'm LOVING it, seeing my old game work in e-uae.

Description I wrote back then:

Short:      Cartoon-style shooting. Lots of blood and explosions!
Uploader:   snowboard_ropy@yahoo.com
Author:     Ropy (Robert van Engelen)
Type:       game/shoot

This is the 2nd upload, the first didn't work. That's fixed now.
Not yet finished: -2 player mode
                  -Viking world (partially working)
                  -Atomic bomb in jungle world
                  -Real gameplay
I'd like to get some reactions about my little program,
because this is my very first game available for public.
Any ideas are welcome too. Mail to:

Of course the mail doesn't work. ;-) Two videos showing the two worlds:

Viking world (unfinished)
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

Download lha here:

I must say I'm pretty amazed at what I was able to do back then. :P I especially enjoy the game menu effects, and the fact that the options get saved on disk.

It might interest you to know also that right now I'm working on a new game for the Amiga, this time in Blitz2. It's more of an adventure game, you play a red wizard. Working title: Red Wizard Island. Latest vid [ Show youtube player ], EAB thread here.

All pixels, code & mods of both games made by me. Although I think I stole the sound fx for Sniper from Worms and AB3D. No updates will be done on Sniper, focus is on Red Wizard Island. Hope you have some fun with it. :-) Compiled on an A1200 btw.

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thank you
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Wow... That's great work for 12 years old, I really must start up an AmosPro project, but looking at red wizard island, blitz2 might be the way to go.. I have coded some stuff on the pc version of blitz.
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it's all in your head
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Thanks! Yeah, I'd recommend Blitz. AMOS progs tend to be slow, but it's an easy language. Come to think of it, it was my first coding language.

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thank you ^^
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it's all in your head
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np. 50 downloads!
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