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I use a wonderful 21" Digital monitor with a Trinitron tube, and I dread the day it breaks down. Granted, it takes up half my desk space, but with a KVM I have my PC, Linux box, A1200 (with Voodoo3) and A1XE all running into it, all at a lovely and clear 1600x1200. It's just marvellous, and cost me exactly €0 about 7 years ago. I have to get used to using LCDs again every time I use a machine somewhere else, but it's just nice to go back to my CRT.

[obligatory car analogy]For me, using an LCD is like driving a new Toyota Yaris. It's small, efficient, does what it's supposed to with a minimum of fuss. But then I get back into my 16-year-old Golf GTI, fire it up, and it just feels "right" (and drinks 3 times the petrol)...
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Yeah...I'm afraid I'm gonna be "that guy". Not trolling, honest but...I can't stand CRTs. Cannot stand 'em. I think back on interlace on a small color TV, then later a 1084s and all I can picture in my mind's eye is a flickery mess. I wouldn't go back to that for anything.
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For desktop use, I prefer LCD hands down. But only in the panel's native res, which is somewhat limiting using old Zorro gfx boards. I have an older Eizo L367 LCD I use with a 1024x768 screenmode from the PIV. It's small, but absolutely crystal clear - *very* high quality picture for a 15". (Partial credit goes to the incredibly sweet analog signal from the Picasso.) Games look decent enough as well, noticable ghosting but the colors are nice and bright. Of course large LCDs can look great, too.

I still think a quality CRT is king for Amiga gaming, but only under certain conditions, and often with a lot of expense and fussing. I have a few nice ones I keep around, hopefully they last a long time.
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