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Can’t rain all the time..

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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Thinking about buying another minimig ..

I sold my minimig a while back and as usual I am now missing what I have sold
So I have a few questions you guys may be able to answer for me ..
Last time I bought a minimig i got it upgraded to 4meg with Amigakit.
Is the extra 2 meg really needed? All I want to do is run Amiga 500 games via adf and the occasional program like Dpaint and Xcopy just for the fun of it,
so nothing too demanding.
The arm controller, is this needed? can I do without it?
Also I been seeing this 060 addon board that yaqube is in the process of creating, what benefits will this have if added to the minimig.
To be honest when I had the minimig before I didn't really have it long enough to actually get any real play/benefit from it :/
What is the latest minimig core and is there a non arm controller version core too now? (sorry bit rusty on this been a while)
Last question should I wait for fpga arcade or just go for a minimig?

thanks in advance guys for your input

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Zone Friend

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Can't give you any input but just chiming in to say I'd be very interested in information regarding this as well... been considering getting my first MiniMig for a while now.
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Can’t rain all the time..

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bump for input please
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Bo Bo

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I think? you can now use HDFs with the MINIMIG latest core without the ARM but are slower.
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Hello you'd better wait for fpga arcade , the 060 addon by Yagube is for it and not for the Minimig...

If you want a Minimig ,ARM is , to my point of view , needed as last firmwares are now difficult to add to the original Pic , and last firmwares are now at 99,5% in term of compatibility with games.

Adding to that the extra 2meg of ram , you'll be able to run a nice classic workbench and whdload , but is it really needed as ADF run really well ?

You can see thid thread : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=52639

Hope that will help you.
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Without ARM, you can run a nice WB1.3 HDD setup.
Its very quick, its only slow when using WB3.1+.
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