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Old 15 August 2002, 06:00   #21

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Bah, and I thought I was good at sensi golf

I never played it too much against the CPU, but I played it A LOT with friends of mine.

I remember there's a few holes where you can do a hole in one, but I just never managed to do it.

Oh, and I had noticed the CPU guys always put the ball further than me in the PC version.. I was starting to believe I just had lost my skills on it, good to know it's the PC faulty, not mine

And SWOS on PC, ever tried to make a long corner kick? It's just IMPOSSIBLE witout booting the ball very high (And away from my striker's heads) . On Amiga I could make heading goals all the time in corner kicks, in the PC version I can't do it.

The players on the PC version seems to kick the ball too weakly.

Oh yeah, and the PC versions of Sensi games never have their cool intro songs
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Need I say it again?

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Old 15 August 2002, 13:02   #23
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So true, Akira. You also have to consider the programmers Sensible got to cover PC conversions. Obviously never played a Sensible game between them. Or watched golf on TV.

Formidable memory you got there, dude. Fired up Sensi Golf, played Tokyo course - hole 9, par 3. Very aceable. I will reveal a tip for doing so, if any peeps want it.

Maybe this thread can mutate into a tip masterclass thingy.

@Shatterhand: The best aspect of Sensi Golf is indeed the multiplayer. You're not missing much by not playing against the CPU dudes a lot, as they are very predictable.
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Old 22 August 2002, 13:45   #24
Matt D`Wrecker
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I wasn't allowed to enter. Bah!

@black: for fudge's sake, don't give out free tips! Unless they are untruths cunningly designed to fox the opposition....


Ahem. Just slipped out.
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Old 03 October 2006, 14:53   #25
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[bump] cool thread! me wants more!
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