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Old 25 March 2011, 08:12   #1
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plugins for octamed

sorry gonna copy/paste from a previous post on another board cuz im too lazy to write it again... if this is the wrong forum feel free to delete

hi, ive been working on a few plugins for octamed... below is a crappy video of a sample chopper im working on.

teeth!: is a sample chopper. it has a randomize function for randomly rearranging a sample. it also has a lock feature for locking areas you don't want rearranged. you can also manually rearrange a sample using the lock feature, or you can manually edit + chop a sample using the select/copy/paste tools. they automatically adjust to select/copy/paste convenient areas (1/8 1/16 1/32, etc). you can also rearrange/chop/paste multiple samples together. theres also a random retrigger feature that will randomly retrigger areas of the audio... eventually i'll make this like the lock feature so you can force retrigger (or not).

timebomb!: will automatically resample a sample to match the bpm of a project. it supports any range of both bpm and spd. i spent a lot of time coming up with the equations that actually calculate this... it was a bitch because there is no documentation anywhere about it + it was fairly complicated math. timebomb can also automatically transpose a sample using octamed's instrument settings rather than resample.

earache!: is basically a frontend for some of octamed's built in effects. handy to have everything conveniently located. (inspired by anakirob)

destroy!: not pictured, is basically a frontend for sox with a few features of timebomb! supports high pass, low pass, bandpass filters, compression, timestretching (instead of resampling), a bitcrusher (2bit 4bit), and a destroy option that will insanely distort the audio.

everything runs fast on an emulated amiga 4000. i've run them all on my real amiga 600 + they are pretty slow... ~ 1minute for resampling with sox, ~15 secs to resample with octamed's internal resampler, ~10 secs to chop a breakbeat. although slow on a 600, they are all %100 compatible with a 68000 cpu as well as workbench 2.1. sorry for the lame video, i hate making videos. will try to post some vids of the others later.

[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 25 March 2011, 19:32   #2
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This is GREAT work!

Any chance for some hard optimizations to make it run better/faster on real Amigas?

I didn't even know OctaMED had such a flexible plugin infrastructure...

Did you write these in assembler?
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Old 26 March 2011, 02:06   #3
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well, technically they are not plugins... they are arexx scripts with a gui. i hope to have these available for download by the end of the weekend. if someone with more skill finds them useful enough, perhaps they can improve them or rewrite them. i did consider the NSM plugin architecture for octamed, but that is all written in E. im a musician, not a programmer + didn't really have a lot of time to devote to learning a new language. arexx seemed simple enough at the time + i wanted some tools that made my life easier

another vid:

[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 03 April 2011, 16:24   #4
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That's pretty cool. I'm still a pretty avid Octamed user. Timebomb looks very useful.
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Old 07 April 2011, 00:40   #5
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Looks great, looking foreward to it, Thanks!
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Old 07 April 2011, 23:35   #6
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As a octamed user since ages I am definitely interested in trying your scripts! is that possible?
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Old 14 April 2011, 22:24   #7
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Absolutely brilliant. Long since left Octamed behind but find this really intriguing and using coming from a background of plug ins to do pretty much anything and everything.

Excellent work
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Old 20 April 2011, 14:22   #8
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nice work man!
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Old 20 April 2011, 19:54   #9
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Any chance for us to have them? )
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Old 26 April 2011, 22:26   #10
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i apologize for the lack of updates... between work, social life, music production, + some laziness, have had an absurd lack of time. i'm currently rewriting parts of teeth and adding some new stuff... an offset calculator, pattern operations + some other things: [ Show youtube player ]

its still small and simple to use, but packs a lot more power. i cant make any promises when it will be finished, but i think its pretty close. if you're interested, the best bet is to drop me an email at systmcrsh[at]gmail[dot]com + i'll send an email. you can also sometimes find me on irc.esper.net #tds.

earache + timebomb are finished as far as im concerned and are available here: http://www.dirtybomb.tk/destr6y!/

-> copy varexx and VXC to your SYSTEM:C directory
-> copy *.lib to your SYSTEM:LIBS directory
-> copy *.rexx and *.gui to your REXX: directory

if you don't have a rexx: directory you will need to assign one, or change the line of the scripts that call the gui (ie line 10: gui_file = 'REXX:earache!.gui'). you can then either select 'run rexx script' in octamed, or assign a keyboard shortcut to 'run arexx script': rexx:[script!].rexx

earache!: basically a frontend for some of octamed's effects.
Echo: octamed's echo effect. NN = number of echoes, RR = echo rate, VV = volume decrease. numbers must be entered in pairs, ie 01 = 1
Vol: volume increase or decrease (in percent). range = 0-999
F/B: filter/boost/none. AA = averaging, DD = distance. numbers must be entered in pairs, ie 01 = 1
NC: don't clip the sample (when vol > 100)
L: load a new sample in the selected instrument
P: play the selected instrument
< and >: scroll forward/backward through instruments
Go!: do operation
U: undo last operation.
Keyboard CMD:
F1: load preset. useful if you use the same settings a lot. to create your own preset you will need to edit lines 292-309 in earache!.rexx
F2: toggle undo enable/disable. enabling undos adds approx 8s of execution time on an a600.

timebomb!: resamples or transposes an instrument to match tempo.
Pitch: the default pitch of your sample (C-1, C#1, D-1, etc). must be entered as a number. its the most efficient way i knew off for entering it. 1 = C-1, 2= C#-1, 3 = D-1, 13 = C-2, 25 = C-3, etc. when you enter this data it will also set the default pitch in the sample editor. watch vid if you get confused.
Beats: the # of beats your sample is, ie 2 beats, 4 beats, 8, etc
-AA: resample with no anti-aliasing
+AA: resample with anti-aliasing
TSP: don't resample, transpose using instrument transposition settings instead. this gets flaky when you try to transposition further than 1 or 2 octaves. in that case you should resample. there is a technical reason for this...
L P < > Go!: same as above

other stuff:
the guis require varexx (partially included above): http://aminet.net/util/rexx/varexx.lha
the guis were created using gadtoolsbox (not included): http://aminet.net/dev/gui/gadtoolsbox20c.lha

koney: i see you have a release on industrial strength and hkv. thats awesome... isr is just a block away from my apartment. a friend of mine does a bunch of stuff for them. i plan to press a 7" myself next month.
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Old 27 April 2011, 01:14   #11
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This is really cool stuff, much respect for doing this I think alot will be very interested in your scripts!!
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Old 27 April 2011, 23:30   #12
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ah yes man, thanx a lot!! But actually YOU are being awesome by coding arexx scripts for octamed! I got the plugins working and I am impressed! Really can't see the time to grab THEET too!

They really deserve to be on Aminet!

What kind of 7" are you producing? does it involve amiga, octamed, and your plugins? Keep up to date about it!

...And if it happens to meet Lenny send him my hugs
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Old 29 April 2011, 06:57   #13
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ah, thanx... not met lenny yet personally, but im sure its probably just a matter of time. + yeah the 7" im working on is mostly amiga. i do everything with 2 a600s + octamed. mostly samples, sequencing and some terrible scratching.

as far as teeth!... theres a big problem with the random generator in teeth... its basically pseudo-random. this means that users could potentially generate the same content. i think thats unacceptable and decided not to release it until i fix it. i wrote down some ideas for fixing it, but havent tried it out yet. what i may do is remove the random code until then... i think it will still be valuable without it (esp w/ pattern ops + offset pasting). anyways this is my tentative timeline for teeth:

1. finish adding some new stuff
2. remove random code + upload
3. rewrite better random code + upload

if someone with more programming knowledge can suggest a better random routine, i'd love to hear about it. basically my idea for fixing it is to obfuscate it with more math...

anyways, should be finished soon i hope.
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Old 29 April 2011, 13:37   #14
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The easiest quasi-random way I know in ARexx is (I guess you know/use it already): RANDOM([<min>], [<max>], TIME(S)). There is a thread here about random. Maybe you ask there if they don`t read this thread.
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