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Is the list really that long? Why did we ever buy an Amiga?
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Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
Is the list really that long? Why did we ever buy an Amiga?
Of course to play games that were developed on an Amiga, not poor 8-bit/Atari ST/Arcade conversions.
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Definitely agree with previous posts naming Creatures as one a game better on the C64. The Amiga version looks nice and is faithful to the layout of the C64 one but it just doesn't seem to have the charm! It's too shiny.
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Interkarate is for Amiga equal to C64, at least in my point of view.
The same with Bubble Bobble, Nebulus and Rainbow islands.

Game that is better for C64 is CJ in the USA imo.
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Originally Posted by alkis21
Is the list really that long? Why did we ever buy an Amiga?
I think this proves theres far more C64 fans on EAB than we thought!
I myself am a huge C64 fan
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Old 21 March 2011, 07:47   #47
Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Amiga Impossible Mission was a big let down.
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Old 19 July 2011, 21:27   #48
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Bomb Jack on C64 sucks (but on Amiga sucks more, true), GB and Speccy versions are the best!
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge is somewhat ok on C64, Amiga version is a disaster.
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Old 20 July 2011, 01:43   #50
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California Games, Last Ninja 2 and Giana Sisters.
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Old 23 July 2011, 08:32   #51

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I never had a C64 (As anyone who knows me knows, I had an MSX, C64s were very rare here in Brazil), I only played a few games C64 games on emulators... and when I tried Buggy Boy, I was really shocked to see how much better was comparing to the Amiga version.

I should try Power Drift someday. The Amiga port was a huge letdown, I was a big fan of the arcade version.
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Old 23 July 2011, 23:16   #52
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The C64 Arcade port of Power Drift isn't really good, too much limited by the hardware. Try e.g. Midnight Resistance, Mr. Heli, Silkworm, Terra Cresta, Ninja Spirit.

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Old 24 July 2011, 00:09   #53
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Uridium, in fact most ported shooters. Uridium 2 is very good-looking on Amiga, and Braybrook did a great job - except I somehow just don't like it. 25fps makes it even easier to fly into enemies, the v-scrolling thingy confuses, and gfx are nicer but less distinct.

In fact, shooters that are <50 fps are all quite misconceived in my book. They are the easiest genre/game idea of all to adapt so that it will run 50 fps, and it shouldn't really be a problem.

Most conversions of early (as in released first on 8-bit) were low budget, so it should be easy to find lots.

I always thought Graftgold did a proper job converting their games to Amiga, so I must strongly object to the C64 version being better! I spent hours and hours slodging through the second ship, I felt quite at home on the spaceships - especially with the great job they did on the sound in Paradroid 90.

I'd agree with Power Drift, but I think IK+ is utterly perfect on Amiga - perhaps the C64 one also is. Ghosts'n'Goblins on C64 is of course the ultimate version on any home computer, even though playing it now is too hard - much harder than the arcade version. Giana... well, I think it's excellent on Amiga. Lot of the graphics look crap, but it's playable, easy, lovely.

Thought Cybernoid I & II were pretty shallow (low lastability (c) Zzap64), C64 had the masterful music so it wins, easy.

Commando rocked on C64. Ikari C64 wins easily, Amiga version was worse than the Atari ST version... Rambo III, C64 wins again...
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Questron II and Pool of radiance (I'll never forgive Ubisoft for boning that Amiga port).
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I agree with Giana Sisters, wonderful music and better flow, I have always thought Rick Dangerous was more fun on the C64 as well.

I wonder if there are any games that were released for Amiga and then made for C64 as well - and it turned out better on the C64?
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Stuck in the 80s

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+1 for Giana Sisters! first game I played on C64 before I had ever heard of Amiga. Love at first sight
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