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Old 27 February 2011, 14:02   #1
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I'm thinking of attempting to add an internal CD drive to my 1200. I have this drive kicking around from an old system.

I've have a four device buffered IDE interface like this.

I've replaced the hard drive with a CF and the power supply with an A500 one.

My questions are can I split the power connector to the floppy drive and run another connector off of it to the CD drive and do I have all the right kit to get this working?


Scratch the A500 power supply, it was working and then started smoking and now the whole room smells of gone off fish, nice.

Back to the A1200 power supply.


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get an AT PSU and mod that or an ATX slightly harder to mod but not by much

yes splitting the floppy power cable for extra juice for another device is posable and doable

but the question is why did your A500 psu go up in smoke ...... ?
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Old 27 February 2011, 14:59   #3
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Good question, I plugged it in and left it running Frontier for a while, came back in to a rather unpleasant smell, noticed smoke coming out of the PSU which was sitting on the carpet, unplugged it quickly and chucked it in the garden where it is now, in the rain.
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I'm using A500 PSU on my A600 and A1200 w/o problems. In my internal CDROM mod I did tap into floppy power and it works fine.
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Old 05 March 2011, 00:34   #5
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Thanks guys, I've split the power connector to the floppy drive and have successfully connected the CD drive and it's all working with the standard 1200 power supply at the moment with no issues.

Obviously the hard part of mounting it in the case and cutting a slot in the case are the next step.


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I don't suppose it was anything you did with the A500 power supply, its just old and inferm. Got to be the best part of 20 years old.

If the case is ok, not melted etc, then you might consider chucking the innards and trying one of the Micro ATX hacks that are around here. The MATX PSU usually fit inside the larger Amiga brick power supplys and can be 3-5 times the wattage available on them.
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Old 08 March 2011, 23:05   #7
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I'll definitely give that a go if the 1200 power supply gives me any problems, it seems to be able to cope with my current set up.

I've also dug out an old external USB plextor CD drive which I've opened up and fed the IDE cable into which of course has its own power supply.

Would be nice to get that internal drive fitted though, I like a nice tidy solution.

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