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DVD Boxsets (Viva Amiga)

Hi Guys and Gals,

I've been secretly working behinds the scenes in conjunction with the producer/Director Zach Wellington view the topic on this here, hence why I haven't been as active I would like to be on here, mostly lurking at the moment
and I came up with the idea about doing box-sets collector editions on this feature as I'll be the one producing the artwork that goes along with them..as I wanted to collect some views from members here to what they'd like to see in a boxset regarding this type of Film, I've already ran the idea of T-shirts, badges(pins), Mugs, Booklet, Music CD exclusively created for the movie and possible an Amiga Ball model on a Statue stand. what do you think?

officiously these extra items would deem higher prices on those boxsets and or simpler boxsets with lesser items contained within those cheaper boxsets
Standard DVD
boxset 1 (DVD,T-shirt,Booklet)
Boxset 2 (DVD, Bouns Disk, T-shirt, Badge)
the higher end one (DVD,Bonus Disc,Booklet,T-shirt,Badge,Music CD and possible the Amiga Ball Statue)

all I ask is do you think it's a good idea for Europe distribution, as the market research says yes in the United States market that people very much welcome the idea of these boxsets, look at it as like an xbox360 or Ps3 Collector edition that type of thing.

If the ideas are good, I'll put it forward to Zach and and try to realise the idea into a reality, the only one rules is it must be Amiga related, there even talk about contacting Eric Swartz to do something special..who knows

this is not a PR stunt but any means, we just want to create something new, fresh and special and not done for a product of this type, and what better to put it to the potential Customers. You Lot

thanks for reading, and look forward to any help on this or recommendations.

All the best


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This looks great and i will be a customer for sure.
Personaly I am not a fan of limited run T-shirts, they never fit me right so i tend just to wear them around the house and dont get to show em off. And collectors [special] T-shirts i tend not to wear because unless they are very very high quality they fade etc. So again they tend to stay in the packet and not get worn.
Mugs on the other hand I like - i take em to work etc and get to show em off and get asked about em etc.
Badges I like too.
Hope this helps - the whole idea is great
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Thanx very much for your reply, it seems that the t-shirt idea is best left for satire on the site , so people can purchase at there own leisure, we are looking into all kinds of stuff, the bottom line is we want to give the customer something special and something not done before in a product of this type , so now's your change to submit your ideas to what you would all love to see packaged with this piece of amiga history about to be realised

So please continue to comment with your suggestions of do's and don'ts and if yu have an idea what more could be added then please feel free to do so
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Graham Humphrey
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I suspect the reason you had little response is that you posted it in OT

This looks great. I like the idea of collector's edition type things with more stuff in them - I would also say though that I'm not keen on the idea of a t-shirt in something like this. It might be an idea to make it a separate item perhaps?

Other than that I think you've pretty much nailed it. I'd definitely buy one.
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I love special edition boxsets and collectible content but I prefer when I can get some use out of them, which unfortunately isn't the case with T-shirts unless I use them as a nighty around home. How about an iron-on transfer with the design you would use for the T-shirts, so we can choose our own top to promote the doco on. I'd definitely wear it around town (provided it's a good documentary about Amiga) along with my boing ball socks and that badge if that's in the pack too.
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Count me in as another very interested person, who is interested in all the extras you list, but not the t-shirt.

Have the t-shirt available on the site, so if people want to purchase that too, they can.
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firstly , thank you all for your positive comments, from my research on information and feedback from other forums, the T-shirts are the weakest element, so I'll recommend that this be dropped from the boxset, and allow customers to purchase them in the on-line store.

I really like the Idea of Cammy's suggestion of the t-shirt Transfer, this not only costs less and makes sense too. I know T-shirts with boxsets , never fit anyone, so I'll vote for it to be removed. tx for that

so please keep the suggestions coming..as i stated, where are trying to do something not done before on a documentary with extra goodies included

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This movie is going to rock!
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As I commented on the Kickstarter blog, I'm always up for a multi-disc box set. I don't care if you get 2 discs or 10 - the more content the better for me. I'd like to see an extended cut of the main movie, and at least one extended interviews disc, as well as a disc for other types of extras. Four discs is about right for a box set, and I feel it would be an INCREDIBLE shame to lose those interviews which have only snippets in the main film. An extended movie is just the thing for a DVD special edition as - trust me - the producers always get to the point of having a 3 hour movie and have to chop out gold after gold just to get it down to 100mins or so. What a waste. Best to have the long version for fans. I'd certaily pay extra for those RJ Michal and Dave Haynie interviews.

If there are any other extras available, a simple card insert with pictures and prices may be a good idea to keep costs down. Only one person in 20 will want the T-shirt, so having some kind of link to an online shop may be a good idea. Otherwise, a micro pin badge (like a cufflink size) like this here or like this picture would be great:

I've been looking for a Boing Ball pin badge like Peter Jones' since I saw him wearing one on Dragons Den. There are NO pin badges like this anywhere it seems....

Thanks for this thread. I hope the film will be out in time for next Summer...

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