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OK, I'm not sure what this is..
I had web browsing working on my A1200 with it's HD installed.
I just got a CF card, so I placed ClassicWB on it..
I finally got networking working with it (kind of), but the browsers won't browse.
I've used MiamiDX and AmiTCP4.
I've used AWEB and iBrowse..

Whenever I try to go anywhere, like www.aminet.net, I get a weird redirect from my Internet provider.
It says:
&ldquowww.aminet.net&rdquo doesn't exist.
For some reason, everything I type gets a prefix and a suffix I didn't intend.

Not sure if this is some weird unicode type thing or what??

Any ideas where I should look? Anyone seen anything like this?

I've found out that those characters are curly left and right quotes, so it might just be the Amiga browse displaying those, and it's not actually part of my problem. Not sure why I can't browse..
I can ping and resolve names...

Still checking.



Curiouser and Curiouser..

If I telnet to www.aminet.net port 80 I get a connection.
When I type "get /" I get a result.
So, networking is working..
But html requests aren't.
Now, I AM talking to my Internet providers server, as it's giving me the error and it has his images on it.
This is weird.
But, my laptop is working fine...

Just browsers, 2 of them, on the Amiga..


Wish I had tcpdump on the Amiga and/or a hub instead of a switch so I could capture some packets...


OK, this is even more weird..
I can get to aminet...
IF I go to aminet.net
If I go to www.aminet.net, it fails...

OK, I'm ready to give up for the night. This is silly..
I was thinking of the short name, aminet.net working, so I tried something else short in my PC bookmarks. mew.cx
That WORKED... Hmmm..
On the mew.cx page, it had a link for opengl.org, so I figured, what the heck, maybe it doesn't like 2 .'s in the url. So I click and it works, BUT...
It redirects me to www.opengl.org... And it worked..

Man, this is weird...

My laptop gets to www.aminet.net fine. It gets to www.google.com fine. Why not the Amiga browsers? We're all behind the same router..
Man, I want some packet captures..

Oh well, getting late..


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OK, now I'm not sure how much of it was which fix (and I know no one cares, but too bad..), but here's what I found.
I went down to AmiTCP 3 (as AmiTCP 4 has a "Click OK" and I found out easynet uses AmiTCP 3), and starting having that problem again. Off and on..
I was pinging, but not browsing on all sites...
Then I noticed something...
When pinging www.amiga.org, I was actually pinging www.amiga.org.home ???
And that was pinging, BUT it was pinging because my ISP is helpful, and resolves EVERYTHING that doesn't resolve to it's own search servers... And THAT is what I was pinging...
I remembered that when I setup AmiTCP, it asked me for my home network, and I just typed "home."

So, I found that in the config file in AmiTCP:db (OK, I forgot which file already, but it was in there... :-) ) and I just commented that line out... Then I did a "ping www.amiga.org" and amiga.org responded...

I'm still not sure why it was sometimes working and sometimes not before, but it seems happier now..
I must have made that change earlier when I was having trouble, but around the same time I installed CardPatch...

(old before edit below)
Got it...

The ClassicWB install didn't have CardPatch going, and while I thought CardPatch was for other things, apparently, it can present ... er... uniquely...

I'm still not sure why it was doing what it was doing, but it was fixed with CardPatch.


p.s. It was also nice that the glitch let me get to aminet.net, as I used it to DL CardPatch.. ;-) Tried it this morning, still failed to www.google.com and www.aminet.net. Went to aminet.net and DL'd CardPatch. Installed it. Rebooted, www.google.com and www.aminet.net now work.

p.p.s. Sorry TCD.. Will do next time.. (Just noticed...) :-(

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