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Makes you wonder how the "Angry NES nerd" ( http://www.youtube.com/user/JamesNintendoNerd ) have become so big, he is kind of underground celebrity nowdays, watched one video, that was enough for me. WTF, some videos have over 3 million views?!

Then we got Classic game room: http://www.youtube.com/user/InecomCompany
I actually like that one but his voice is very aggrevating listening to. I am also disturbed that he uses classic video game taboo "best game ever" on too many games. Also, I dont like 100% video game console nerds because they often miss great games on the 8/16-bit computers and the 486.
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Don is incredibly credible. 'nough said.
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Aw, Desiv, don't feel bad, man. I think I underestimated Don's acting ability. Looking back at the comments, it seems that he fooled about half the audience.

Next time I'll make sure it's a more harmless gag.
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There are things I'm pretty good at reading...
(i.e. Packet captures, web/proxy log files, etc..)

There are things I'm not.
i.e. People..

Such is life.. ;-) Luckily, I'm used to my seemingly endless ability to "not get it." So it only bother's me for a minute. Then something shiny distracts me (in this case, my new Amiga 1200 accelerator with 64M RAM), and I forget all about it until I do it again.


Glad you're still around!!! I really do enjoy Matt Chat...


p.s. I reserve the right to "not get it" next time too.. Just letting you know.. ;-)
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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
Next time I'll make sure it's a more harmless gag.
At least there is going to be a next time.

In response to your weekend problem: as a fan, I'd be more than happy with a new movie only once a month. Also, the interviews have been great, but I would just go ahead and minimize those in favor of retro game reviews. My opinion, I'm not an ambassador of your fanbase

The most important thing is that you are happy with your life, so if we have to do without the movies and just have you visit the forum from time to time to tell whats up, it will have to do!
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