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Originally Posted by JACK98 View Post
One of the reasons whilst i asked the quest,today i sat taking caps off the A1200 *the method of using a gentle twist with pliers does work!*,and thought of recapping, and then in future of having to replace something else on the same board like a comp chip just put me off and make me rather use emulation on a modern pc.
It's not hard, but it's very risky if you have no experience with it!

You'll need:
- Heatgun
- Aluminium foil
- Soldering iron with a small pointy tip
- Soldering tin (preferrably with lead)
- Pair of tweezers that can open wide
- SMD flux
- Desoldering wick

Apply flux to all the PLCC pins. Wrap the PCB with two layers (or more) of aluminium foil and uncover the PLCC, this prevents other components to overheat and eventually melt (!). Pre-warm the PCB (just sweep around even though the aluminium foil is there) with the heatgun on low temp, then focus in circles on the PLCC for a while. You might need to switch to a higher temp for a short period of time, but only when the chip is heated up.
Then fast as a mouse take a pair of tweezers and lift up the chip, it is supposed to lift up with ease. If it didn't lift up, then don't force it up. Start over again with the heatgun. Lateron use isopropanol alcohol to clean the flux residue, desoldering wick to remove the solder residue and use isopropanol again to clean up. Ready for new chip!

Soldering the new chip is more hard.. But a working solution is to add flux to all the solder pads then allign the PLCC correctly (have the dot mark in mind, align pin 1 with the "pin 1" icon on the PCB). When the pins match up to the pads, carefully add solder to each "corner" pin... Now that the PLCC is not moving, add some more flux to the rest of the pins and start soldering. Warm the pins and add solder to it, the solder with hopefully travel to the pads as well. If you get way too much, try to drag the soldering iron on the pins to remove the excessive solder. Don't be too fast or stressed - it's not hard at all as long as you're calm.

When it's done, look closely for any eventual shorts or non-contacts. Use isopropanol again.

Good as new

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Since desoldering PLCCs is such a pain, I warmly recommend soldering in a socket instead. Sometimes you may have to move some capacitors or other components, the Amiga motherboards are often a bit tightly spaced around the chips.

Of course if it's a chip that will eventually take a clip on upgrade, then you have no option but to solder the new part onto the motherboard.
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As long as im buried before my Amigas im not to fussed how long they last.
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Originally Posted by Amigafanboi View Post
I think 512kb may do it
Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

with room to spare =D
You are probably right!

Anyways the hardware of the 1980's/early 1990s were built at a time when electronics such as computers/audio were manufactured to a high standard. To get the same these days you'd pay a fortune for.
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I have a joystick

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Yeh sad truth is they will all die. In 20 years the Xboxes and PS3's will end up the same way. Cest la vie buddy!
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I can't see xboxes and PS3s lasting 20 years
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Yeah, even my Gamecube died, and there I thought, Nintendo still stands for quality.... But no, it's relative again, to the competition. -.-
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I dont think anything is built to last.No matter how much effort put into storage and time.I guess its like the human body.Slowly decays with time...

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Even when we build something to last it won't last for ever (yet). As for the human body, this simply dies because evolution didn't select for eternal youth (not relevant for life here: Just procreate and die ), but that can be changed. On a similar note, our beloved Amiga can be kept alive by reincarnating it by building new ones in FPGA, which the Minimig has shown is perfectly feasible.
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This is what stumps me,someone could put them into storage and not bother with them.Then power them on once a year.surely that's bad too for the components?.

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Stuck in the 80s

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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
but that can be changed.
How? Is this like Indiana Jones when he drinks from that cup which can make you live forever?

If I'm immortal would that mean I cantake part in Mortal Kombat?
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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Not yet, but it's just chemistry With computers it can already be done, so it ultimately doesn't matter much if they die one day.
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