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Old 24 November 2010, 23:17   #1
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Hi everyone

Hi from Dundee, Scotland.
I got my first Amiga 1200 some years ago from a car boot sale and had a few years of great computing with it until I moved to the darkside and got a Windoze box, and unfortunately due to the then cost of upgrading the 1200 to a point where the net would be enjoyable to use the Windoze machine was used more and more until the 1200 became nothing more than an ornament and was eventually sold. A couple of years ago I then managed to get my hands on some more Amiga equipment but due to space limitations my return to the Amiga scene was very short lived and the items sold on again :/
I am now in a better situation and Im looking to get back into things once more and presently playing around with Amiga Forever 2010... gives me a chance to play around... but just doesnt have that Amiga feel :/ So got a few adverts here and there hoping to pick up some hardware and once more become part of the Amiga family Although it seems to be a bit needle in the haystack kind of thing especially in my locality whereas I remember when the systems were always coming up for sale, I guess thats ebay etc for you.
I look forward to being a member here and hope to contribute in some small way, but will likely be asking more than answering questions lol.
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Welcome to the board of Amiga lunatics Dazx!

Have you ever thought of using the very favoured WinUAE emulator.. I know it's not the same as the real thing, but it's extremely brilliant

Get the latest here http://www.winuae.net/
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Old 24 November 2010, 23:37   #3
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Welcome to EAB Dazx!

For a good Amiga deal you could have a look on http://www.amibay.com/ Enjoy your stay here
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Graham Humphrey
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And the newbies keep on coming - welcome aboard!
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Hi Dazx - Welcome to EAB and welcome back to the Amiga!!
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hi welcome
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Into the Wonderful

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Old 25 November 2010, 12:20   #8
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Hi - welcome, space is a problem when you have probably a next gen console, pc and then if you want to go retro - all that old gear. Its a nightmare trying to manage it all.

Emulation is good but obviously the real thing is the best.

Hope you enjoy your new adventures on the Amiga again!
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Old 25 November 2010, 13:25   #9
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ribbits 2 ya in 2010
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Old 25 November 2010, 23:04   #10
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DemonHellraiser: yea UAE is good, but just paid for AF2010 and no config files to get down and dirty with... well not yet at least

TheCyberDruid: Yea been lurking around on Amibay for a bit.

Cheers Graham Humphrey, Peter, alexoualexou, Dastardly.

BrooksterMax: yup been in that situation many times, usually things outwith my control dictates what happens to the stuff :/

cosmicfrog: "Croak"

Thanx for the welcome everyone, not confirmed yet buy I maybe coming into possesion of a 1200
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Old 28 November 2010, 15:40   #11
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Well I had been due to have an A1200 delivered today but due to the adverse weather here Im going to have to wait a bit longer :/
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Old 20 December 2011, 00:56   #12
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Yup this is an old thread, but Ive been missing for a year that has had some interesting developments over the last few months for me I am now no longer having to rely on emulation for my Amiga fix as Ive managed to acquire 4 machines in varying condition the best being an A1200 030 28mhz which is nice and white... a very yellow A1200 and A600, and a not too shabby 500+ with a 2MB sidecart but no trapdoor expansion, it has had a little battery leakage which has damaged the pcb and some components :/
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Welcome back, Dazx!
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Thanx Not planning on going anywhere this time.... swore never to part with my Amiga`s ever again
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