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Old 16 December 2010, 22:24   #21
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Hey, thanks for making your show.

But don't take that YouTube affair too serious. You can't count on their sanity. I've seen them doing weirder things. I fear they are so popular, that they can get away with it.
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Old 22 December 2010, 05:46   #22
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I hope you can keep it up Matt. Love the show!!!

It was interesting when she was talking about "safe" business versus creative...
She mentioned Introversion (who I love), but they suffered (are suffering) the exact problem she described with taking risks, and now they are floundering...

It's too bad...

And as much as I love to hate MS (even tho (or because) I work on MS servers all day), I have to agree, Kinect does look incredibly kual...
I'm not sure about how it will work for gaming, but as a peripheral for "KUAL" things, it is already incredible..

Her breadth of work is pretty astonishing....

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Old 22 December 2010, 06:37   #23
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Great show Matt !!
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Old 22 December 2010, 07:42   #24
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Finally took the time to watch the final two videos... and as I already said after having watched only the first episode - this is a very cool interview

Interesting person with a lot (!) of interesting stories to tell, and an unusually wide array of stuff being talked about as well... loved the variety.
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Old 22 December 2010, 20:07   #25
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I agree - I watched all the videos featuring Becky in one hit - really interesting and great fun - nice work Matt - Matt Chat's get better and better!
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Old 24 December 2010, 00:48   #26
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And the final part
[ Show youtube player ]

(30min, since when does YT allow that?)
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Old 24 December 2010, 21:37   #27
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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
(30min, since when does YT allow that?)
Is blacklily8 a premium account?
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Old 24 December 2010, 21:49   #28
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Seeing that the account is from july 2006, I bet that:

A: Anyone who registered a DIRECTORS account in 2006 can upload videos of any length. Anyone who registered later than that, CANT go past the limit!
As of december 2010 YouTube allows selected users to upload more than 15mins - see YT blog for more info!
Taken from the FAQ of:
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Old 25 December 2010, 02:23   #29
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No, I'm *nothing* special, believe me! They changed it for pretty much anyone who isn't uploading porn or movies now. As long as it's under 2 gigabytes, length doesn't matter.
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Old 25 December 2010, 11:05   #30
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It is really terrible that you consider laying MattChat off. It is hours of fun and inspiration. Please think twice. You do these videos at an amazing pace. Maybe if you think that they collide with other projects take MattChat easy, but don't kill it all together.
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