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[Found: Super Scramble Simulator] Trying to find a game


I've been looking for a certain Amiga game I played in a past life. I searched a multitude of Amiga sites in hopes of finding it, but with no success. Hopefully someone here can put me out of my misery.

I'll try to describe it as best as I can. It was a game in which you'd control a racing bike of some sorts and you had to get across obstacles (like trial biking). You could control the front and the rear wheel separately, if I recall correctly. It was played from a sideview and I think the bike was white/green.

Thanks in advance!

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Kikstart II?
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I didn't know they made a 16bit version of that great game on the Amiga, used to play it endlessly on the Spectrum. Going to have to check it out
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While it looks a lot like Kikstart, that's not the game. I'm certain because I checked a gameplay video of it and the title music (which I vividly remember being guitar-heavy) is totally different.
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Not an Amiga game, but it has a green and white bike and you can control the ends of the bike separately.

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Neat game, but it's not that one. It's definitely an amiga game.
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Super Scramble Simulator! That's the one!

Thanks Retro-Nerd!

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