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crusader of light

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What the Hell!!

Ok i havent posted this in the hardware bit as this probarbly has nothing to do with amigas, but could someone tell me what the hell this is? (see pic) I have about 30 of them! Theres nothing about them on ESS website.
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Hmmm I am not an expert on things like this but I think it has something to do with DVD

I found this link (IN FRENCH)


It has screenshots that are near-enough exact to the one shown above

I fdid however translate this about one of these things

Babel Fish Translation, In English:

"- drive Video ESS: ES4318 F U260 (TTS1505Å) It is the processor a principal... processor MIPS which is used esentiellement to readers DVD and Set signal bow for the tele interactive one... This is the hand processor (one uses the very early scan models, now replaced with ADV7172 processor TV encodeing).... MIPS processor that is specially designed for DVD players and Set-Signal boxings for interactive TV "

Hope this helps
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crusader of light

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Very helpfull thanks alot
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that pic that cpc linked to was a soundcard.

mick, your card looks like an expansion card for the vga "feature" connector that used to be common on video cards. if i had to take a guess i'd say it was an mpeg playback card.
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The ES 4408F is a DVD processor

DVD Processor
Product Brief
The ES4408 Processor is a single-chip solution for a Digital
Versatile Disc (DVD) player that integrates MPEG video
decoding, DVD system navigation, Content Scrambling System
(CSS), and Dolby™ Digital (AC-3) and MPEG audio decoding.
The fully programmable ES4408 is based on a proprietary ESS
architecture. It offers the best feature set in comparison to any
currently existing DVD chip, and a glueless interface to various
peripheral components. The ES4408 is the most cost effective
solution in its class with an integration level and quality that set
new benchmarks.
The ES4408 processor is capable of decoding Dolby™ Digital
(AC-3) up to 5.1 channels or MPEG audio up to 7.1 channels
simultaneously with MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video. For embedded
applications, the ES4408’s internal RISC processor can be used
in place of a microcontroller to provide all system control, DVD
system navigation, CSS decryption, and many other features.
On-chip, multi-tap filters provide arbitrary scaling with state of the
art SmartScale™ technology useful for video standards
conversion. SmartStream™ technology from ESS provides video
error concealment and video post-processing, leading to the
highest playability and video quality. Other features included in
the ES4408 are video letterbox display, DVD Sub-Picture
overlay, and On-Screen Display.
The ES4408 provides a glueless 8/16-bit parallel interface to
many DVD servo/loaders. It connects directly with 8/16-bit ROM
and 16-bit SDRAM/EDO. An 8-bit YUV video interface supports
many TV encoders. General purpose auxiliary pins are provided
to control various peripheral devices. A standard I2S interface
supports popular audio DACs and ADCs. The ES4408 also
features a direct S/PDIF output. Figure 1 shows a block diagram
of a typical standalone system using the ES4408 with the
glueless SDRAM interface.
The DVD system stream from a DVD disc is passed to the ™
ES4408 through the 8-bit/16-bit parallel host interface. The ™
ES4408 parses the system layer and demultiplexes the audio
and video streams. Audio is decoded and passed through the I2S
audio serial bus to an external audio DAC and then to the
speakers. Video is decoded and output as YUV pixels to an
NTSC or PAL video encoder. System control and housekeeping
functions (keypad and remote control) are also provided on-chip.
• Single-Chip DVD video decoder in a 208-pin PQFP package
• Supports MPEG-1 system and MPEG-2 program streams
• Programmable multimedia processor architecture
• Compatible with Audio CD, VideoCD 1.1, 2.0, Interactive
VCD 3.0, and Super VideoCD (SVCD)
• DVD Navigation 1.0
• Built-in Content Scrambling System (CSS)
• Pan & Scan and Letter-Box conversions supported
• Trick modes such as Slow, Fast Forward, Fast Reverse,
Step, and Goto supported
• On-chip subpicture unit (SPU) decoder supports remote
control display functions
• On-chip 4-bit On-Screen Display (OSD) controller with 4-bit
blending supports karaoke lyric and subtitile display
• 8-bit YUV output
• Karaoke function
• Dolby™ Digital (AC-3) up to 5.1 channels or 2-channel
downmix audio output for Dolby™ Pro Logic
• MPEG audio up to 7.1 channel
• Linear PCM streams for 48 KHz and up to 96 KHz
• S/PDIF audio output
• Supports 256/384/512 frame sync audio system clocks
Smart Technology
• SmartZoom™ for motion zoom and pan
• SmartScale™ for NTSC to PAL conversion and vice versa
• SmartStream™ for video error concealment
• Bidirectional I2S audio interface
• Independent audio bit clock for transmit and receive port
• Direct servo/loader interface
• Supports up to 4 MB of SDRAM and/or 4 MB of EDO DRAM
• 8 general-purpose auxiliary ports
• Single 27 MHz clock input
• Power management

****** EDIT ******

get the product brief in the zone

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crusader of light

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Wow! i have 30 of these! maybee i should stick them on ebay!
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There you go, you could make millions from 30 unsuspecting schmucks

Be sure you at least have the driver software included
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crusader of light

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Yea, if i can find any drivers, cant seem to find any at the moment

I keep finding loads of good stuff in my shed, found my old P166 laptop in there! still works fine so I installed linux mandrake and am having a great time with it
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