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I'm probably in the minority, but I was never a fan of the all in one keyboard (even when I had an A500 - I hacked it into a desktop case). Function, then form. Especially nowadays with the plethora of devices available. Keyboard broke? I'd rather buy a new usb one that I like and plug it in rather than hack apart a case (that is of course if you're using a standard keyboard). Why lock the user into a touchpad or mouse if they prefer say.... a thumb driven trackball? When I want to expand the system, my first thought shouldn't be 'how can I hack this into the case' or 'do I have clearance?'.

In this regard, 'the box' has a superior function. Although there are some ugly ugly boxes out there, there are some pretty nice designs out there as well.

Let the form follow the function.
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I still think somebody should take the original a1200 design, re-jig it for a new style amiga motherboard and do away with the floppy drive. It can be compatible with all the modern connections, have an sdhc card slot etc.

I just cannot see any other design beating the a1200, heck even the a600 was ok!
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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
@Cammy lol! show us what you're able to do ! I think people would be interested.
Do you have some draft ? what have you done so far ?
lol says the man who is so aesthetically incompetent he records youtube videos of an Amiga playing FMV using some crappy webcam pointed at a crappy LCD at a funny angle that could be playing 2-30FPS and be in 4-4000 colours and nobody can tell

You can easily improve the A1200 design...

1. Make it lighter (which will happen if you replace an A1200 m/b with a mini-ITX m/b)
2. Replace the keyboard with a high quality unit (done already on mine using an A2000 keyboard + adaptor inside the casing)

There are only 3 all in one designs I ever liked....

1. C64C (mk2 white one)
2. Original Atari ST without an internal drive
3. A1200

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