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demoscene screensaver idea

I posted this on Amiga.org as well, see what you think, tell me why it won't work:

So I looked at some of the screensaver packages for AGA classic, & they are quite nice, but without the wow factor I was after.

Then I started watching old scene demos productions from CD coverdisks. I noticed a lot of the smaller ones run fine with low chip ram, and go back to workbench on a right click, a lot have also been WHDloaded.

Would it be possible to write a program/arexx script to randomly run one (or a list) after a set amount of time with out the mouse/keyboard/joystick being touched? then all you would have to do is right click to get back to WB.

Apologies if this has been done, I searched aminet first.
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Considering that most demos turn off multitasking, I'd say they wouldn't be very suitable as screensavers
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hmm, but the ones i'm talking about, you click to get back to workbench at any point. Surely intuition would know that workbench had just been reactivated/mouse clicked, and the (hyperthetical) program concerned could reset the timer for the next one, and wait a user specified time without any user input? Then it would run a chosen demo, list of demos, or a random choice from a directory.

I currently run one manually if I leave the Amiga on for and i'm away from it.

The only problem I can see, is that they generally do not quit with a mouse movement, only with a mouse click. But you could just do that when you get back.

Obviously, the heavy more recent demo's require too much free chip ram, we'd have to check them and see how much they required, perhaps have different catagories depending on how much chip ram was available.

examples that run when I only have 1.45MB chip are:

Push -Extreme
reprocess 4 -Da Jormas
ront kolli -Da Jormas
Carbon -tulou
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Workbench will not know that you've just returned to it from running a demo, but as long as you only run the well behaved demos and intros that start and exit to Workbench gracefully on mouse click then this is perfectly doable.
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