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Old 14 July 2004, 02:13   #81
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Wico command control (red ball) & WICO Bat Handle, Tac2
Now i Use different gamepads & XArcade
XArcade i use mostly for MAME
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Old 03 August 2004, 17:26   #82
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I have to say the TAC-2 was a favourite. I also liked the 3-way Wico stick (not the King Shooter, I think it was called Wico Three-Way or something... Unfortunately a friend borrowed it back then, so it's lost.)
I have to visit my parents and pick up a TAC-2 some day, for the moment the only Amiga joysticks at my place are Bathandle and The Boss...
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Old 03 August 2004, 20:08   #83
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I can't break apart from my Quickshot Maverick, i have two, and both still work after 12 years, i bought this last batch in '92.
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Old 06 August 2004, 10:57   #84
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Tac-2 rules...
Old 16 August 2004, 12:58   #85
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Originally Posted by Adeptus
Should be just a matter of wiring the 2nd button to the correct pin.
(Look at www.hardwarebook.net if you need the pinout.)
Might need a new cable - most joysticks don't have the full 9 wires, just what they need.
Well I've had a bit of a joystick weekend. I went to a bootsale and picked up a Sega Arcade Stick for £1.

I also destroyed a quickshot python (sorry weasel_ch!! ) and used the innards to make my zipstick 2 button.

It was fairly straight forward. Just a matter of soldering the correct wires to the correct microswitches. Great fun.

Now I can play R-Type and roadkill etc etc on the best joystick ever and not have to leap forward and whack the space bar! woooo.
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Old 06 September 2004, 12:36   #86
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The best joystick ever made for the 8-bit and 16-bit computers is the Wico "Bat-Handle" joystick. If you look inside most arcade game machines you will see that the controls are all Wico.
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Old 06 September 2004, 22:07   #87
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Originally Posted by DoomMaster
If you look inside most arcade game machines you will see that the controls are all Wico.
No, you willl find they are mostly HAPP, or their japanese equivalent. Never seen a self-respecting arcade machine builder putting anything lower than Happ in their machines.

Then again even if they were, surely a cheap arse home version of those controls is nothing to call home for.
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Old 26 February 2005, 16:33   #88
Sune Salminen
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STC Rotterdam - The Arcade

The Competition Pro is okay, but this is my favourite joystick ever.
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Old 26 February 2005, 16:38   #89
Sune Salminen
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More sticks

Here's a pic of my JAMMA rig. The monitor is a Philips CM8833 I also use with my Amiga 500. I have an I-PAC from www.ultimarc.com so I can hook the control panel up to my PC as well and use it with emulators.
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Old 26 February 2005, 16:39   #90
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I have comp pro usb 2.0 which i've mentioned elsewhere but i find this to be the poor mans Zipstick they rule the universe! i have 2 or 3 zipsticks as well

i also had a stick like jrom's (and i still have somewhere) but till i locate it i've alterd the graphics on jroms how mine looked
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Old 27 February 2005, 01:24   #91
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The wico command control stick that has been mentioned is one of the best joysticks ever made! solid steel shaft it still works even to this day! Considering how old it is... I also thought the Suncom Starfighter was great - I always preferred it to their TAC 2.
Old 27 February 2005, 02:47   #92
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For me its got to be the zipstik..Had a good few of these but bizarrely the one that lasted longest was an odd zipstik in with a light blue body and pink buttons...Looked terrible but played great .. the normal black and yellow looked better but this ugly duckling was my favourite sensi stick so it holds a special place in my heart..
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Old 27 February 2005, 15:54   #93
2nd era...
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Zipstick for me too, our first Amiga joystick was one, and it was a nice durable stick which lasted quite a while. After it died we got a Bug. Talk about crap. It broke on my brother when he was playing Zool. And by broke I mean literally fell apart. But we figured maybe it was just a bad one and got a replacement. The stick came off when I was playing Lotus II. Then we moved onto a Quickshot II. After the fire buttons stopped working we just used a MegaDrive pad.
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Old 28 February 2005, 04:40   #94
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Sticks I used:

C64: Wico Command Control Redball back in the day (was I the only one that had one that looked like the shaft started turning rusty?), I currently own a TAC-2

Amiga: Epyx 500XJ (fucking awesome stick)

NES: Original controller, NES Advantage

SNES: Original US SNES controller, ASCIIpad (with turbofire and useless 'slomo')

MD: Original 3 and 6 button pads

PC: Either a Sony DualShock2 via PSX adapter, or Pelican Real Arcade via XBox adapter, depending on the game/emulator (most native PC gamepads have the most horribly shitty dpads of all, and the analog sticks aren't too good either). I also plan on buying a MadCatz PS2 Retrocon controller, which is shaped pretty much like an old-school NES controller, but still including all the PSX buttons.

Edit: Also, since I saw it mentioned way earlier in the thread, but not answered, I will state that a 3-button MD pad should definitely work as-is on an Amiga, B acts as button 1 and C as button 2 (I used to use one to play MK1). 6 button pads should work too (you may have to hold MODE while powering up to switch the pad to 3-button compatibility mode, but other than that, it should work the same).

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Old 28 February 2005, 23:54   #95

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Originally Posted by Sune Salminen
The Competition Pro is okay, but this is my favourite joystick ever.
Wicked stick. I now have 5 of 'em (although most have the firebutton on the top as well) after hunting around on queens day in Amsterdam a couple of years ago
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Old 01 March 2005, 13:30   #96
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My favourites have got to be the Competition Pro CD32 control pad, and the BattleStation II. I've got four Competition Pro pads (two for each CD32), all of which I bought brand new, three are in perfect condition because I bought them last year, one still works perfectly but I've had for about 10 years.

I also bought a BattleStation II a few years ago, and made a small arcade cabinet (small... from the joysticks up) that sits on a table or bench, which could fit a console or an A1200 in it. It's just a shame it only supports two Amiga buttons.

Adeptus, if you ever manage to make this thing CD32 compatible, you've gotta tell me how so I can do it too. I've always wanted to get it working on the CD32. All those awesome beat em ups, two players, yeah !
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Old 03 March 2005, 07:04   #97
epun umop ap!sdn
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Has been well & truly on the back burner for awhile now... will get back to it when I have time, whenever that is...

In theory it's easy. There are schematics on Aminet for the CD32 pad circuitry.
I just need to build a pair of these (or 2 on one board), remove the old PCB, & put in the new one.

I now have 2 Battlestations... I'm either going to do one USB & one CD32, and/or both in one, and/or PSX in one, with adapters for every other system
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Old 04 March 2005, 11:18   #98
Amiga will never die!
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One CD32 and one PSX woul be good, you could still use it on a PC with a cheap PSX-USB connector. I would LOVE to be able to use my Battlestation on my CD32, which hopefully soon will have an 030/50 + 16MB RAM + 850MB HD inside it (if the guy I sent $260 to really has it, and sends it to me... I'm too trusting sometimes when I'm desperate). I just hope the accellerator makes Super Street Fighter II Turbo run smoother.

On another note, I just bought a great joystick on eBay. It's a two-button arcade style stick, real popular one that I used to see advertised in every Amiga mag back in the day but could never buy one back then. It has two cords/plugs, and a switch, so you can switch between joystick ports. I guess it's good for games where you take it in turn, but only have one stick, or for games which stupidly depend on the player 1 joystick being in the mouse port (there were a couple).

It's the same as this model, but with a few extra switches and stuff - http://www.thosewerethedays.de/items...8f_620x660.JPG
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Old 04 March 2005, 11:21   #99
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Hey Rebel-CD32, I have also that quickshot arcede-style joystick, it ROX!
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Old 04 March 2005, 11:49   #100
Graham Humphrey
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I've somehow got an old Amstrad joypad, from their games console (called the GX or something, I think). Tip: Do not play SWOS with this pad! Or anything with this pad. At all. Talk about cheap!
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