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Old 12 June 2004, 14:40   #41
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I have these:

The one of wood was better, I have it like the one in the photo but with buttons white-cream.

with these joysticks have an amiga was really have arcade machines at home.. all my friends at school were impressed.
btw, both joysticks still working
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Old 12 June 2004, 14:42   #42
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Wow old thread! Maverick is nice but there were two versions, one has a stick that makes clicking noises, that isn't good. My favourite is Python but I like comp pro too

Photos eh? Now that's a war
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Hey, that one looks exactly like one I have now, only mine is square and have two buttons. Also, both of the buttons had turbo-fire, and I had to remove the mechanism that made the button to the left act like a turbofire, otherwise it was useless in games where you have do hold the button down. Like SWOS or Kick Off. But now it works perfect, and I love it. It's a great joystick, and one that I use instead of the old 6-button megadrive joypads (which are excellent too) these days, simply because I like to change controller every now and then for the games to feel fresh.

EDIT: oops, I was referring to jroms joystick (picture in his post), not the one above me.
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Old 12 June 2004, 15:02   #44
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Burseq: I had the clicking. At first it irritated me, but then I liked it better. A friend of mine had the one without clicking, and although it was slightly less irritating to your gaminbuddies, I liked mine better when I got used to it.
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Old 12 June 2004, 19:11   #45
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Accept no imitations, the Competition Pro 5000 and all it's clones rule.

Especially watch out for the Suzo Prof. Competitions - looks just like the Comp. Pro, but they have a horrid flexible plastic stem and are flimsier in every way.

You can pry my Comp. Pros from my cold, dead hands. :-)

Edit: I also have a Comp Pro Star Extra like the one Akira described.. Only mine is green, not blue.

I wonder where I could buy another of these, as it's really the rolls royce of the comp.pro family. :-)
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Old 12 June 2004, 19:55   #46
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When I said it was a war, I meant it! Now all your stikz are belong to us!

Note: These are just the 100% working ones.
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Old 12 June 2004, 20:14   #47
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Awwwww... you have tons of joysticks! And a few mavericks! And Competition Pro! You, my friend, are the reason the joystics are so hard to get today! You bought them all you twit!

btw... sell me a maverick and a Competition Pro, mkay?
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Old 12 June 2004, 20:19   #48
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I got all the comp pros from an ex computer shop owner last year and am keeping them in their original boxes Others mostly came with A500es I purchased of from the junk market
Old 12 June 2004, 21:09   #49
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Sms control stick I found new in it's original box last year:
It works great with ppjoy Notice the weird placement of the stick, it's on the right!
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Old 12 June 2004, 22:58   #50
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All of my favorite Amiga joysticks ended up dying really quick. The switches would wear out, or the cord would break, or something crazy would happen.

Right now, I got a joystick from an old arcade machine (looks like maybe it came from afterburner or something; really heavy duty). I've been planning to incorporate it into a cd32 controller and build this nice arcade thing, but damn, the circuit board for the cd32 controller is just way too sloppy.
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Old 12 June 2004, 23:02   #51
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The Bug.

I notice nobody else mentioned this

Maybe it's because I'm used to wiggling around a little stick in my hand !
Old 13 June 2004, 00:56   #52
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Originally Posted by CodyJarrett
The Bug was quite a popular joystick with a lot of people and was recommended for SWOS. I never really got used to it.
jim: not mentioned since 2001

anyway nothing beats the tac-2

i had also a couple of starjoy: megastar was cool and made some corn in my hands. but when the buttons weren't responding anymore you weren't able to open it to clean it (i wasn't at least)
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Old 13 June 2004, 01:38   #53
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These are the best sticks:

They were made in Greece, solid metalic builds. They work perfectly are ideal for KO2.
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Old 13 June 2004, 02:31   #54
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Originally Posted by ant512
You can't beat one of these:
The Zipstick is the poohman's Competition Pro!
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Old 13 June 2004, 02:42   #55
(c) killergorilla 2007
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Ahhhh, My comp pro. It was lime green with a transparent plastic window in the bottom so you could see which micro-switch had broken. I had to butcher many a zip stick to keep it going through the years, in the end it was missing the right fire button, the black plastic cover off the lead was missing and it only had two of its original micro-switches still working. A real Frankensteinís monster of a joystick.
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Old 13 June 2004, 02:44   #56
Workbitch 1.3

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Tomahawk rules!

and if your mate beats you at a game you can swing it around by the cord and knock him out with it

edit: My Top 5

3.Atari Joystick
4.Star Cursor
5.wico command control
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Last edited by T_hairy_bootson; 13 June 2004 at 05:14.
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Old 13 June 2004, 03:30   #57
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Ok, since you've already revived this thread, I vote for TAC-2. A great joystick with a lot of stamina. I managed to brake about 3 of them anyway though... Angry kid.
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Old 14 June 2004, 15:02   #58
epun umop ap!sdn
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Originally Posted by Burseg
Sms control stick I found new in it's original box last year:
It works great with ppjoy Notice the weird placement of the stick, it's on the right!
I'd actually prefer this, I'm better with stick in right hand (no jokes please...) and buttons with left.

I love the arcade sticks with the buttons on top too... like jrom's pic. Used to have one called 'star cursor', had one of those sticks, then 2 arcade buttons below that (weird placement ). Apart from the button location, that was an awesome stick.

EDIT: The two sticks in the top left of T Hairy Bootson's pic are Star Cursors
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Old 14 June 2004, 17:03   #59
Pipboy approved
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My choise is the Tac-2! Terrific little bugger!
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Old 16 June 2004, 01:12   #60
aka ThunderPeel2001
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The bug wasn't bad, but mine would never do diagonals properly
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